MFWA2015 | Press Conference

The excitement for this year's edition of the Malta Fashion Week & Awards is definitely more palpable now following this morning's Press Conference which officially launched the event. It all sees its start this coming Friday and I'm really excited for all the shows.

During the Press Conference, which was held at the magnificent Palazzo de la Salle on Republic Street, the importance of such an event on all cultural and economic aspects was continually being highlighted by all three speakers (left to right in the picture below), Mr. Jason Micallef (chairman of the V18 Foundation), Mr. Adrian Mizzi (Executive Director of Malta Fashion Week & Awards) and the Hon. Minister of Culture, Justice and Social Government Dr. Owen Bonnici. 

This is the second consecutive year that the absolute majority of the events related to Malta Fashion Week are taking place in our capital city and the history geek in me perceived this to be good idea. Valletta has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2018 and combining the timeless elegance of the architectural gem that is Valletta with the creativity of the designers taking part in MFWA was a very sensible option. As the Hon. Minister pointed out, art is no longer just a hobby as more and more individuals are seeking jobs within a more creative niche, thus I really look forward to the local designers to see what their collections for this year will be all about.

I really look forward to attend the shows and subsequently blog about them to bring you a front row glance and most importantly, I look forward to seeing the local fashion industry flourish in all its glory! Cheers to that!

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