Review | Catrice Cosmetics All Round Cover Stick 010 Nude vs Catrice Camouflage Cream 010 Ivory

Concealer is a big part of my makeup routine so I tend to stick to the ones that I know will get the job done. Recently, however, I had to change up my game because the concealer I was using just wasn't cutting it anymore and it was oxidizing on my skin. I switched to NYX HD Concealer for my under eye area but since it is not exactly cheap, I wanted a cheaper alternative for everyday use.

Luckily for me, Catrice Cosmetics have launched the All Round Cover Stick concealer and I got the shade 010 Nude to try out. Now if you have been following me for a while you would know that I already love the Catrice Camouflage Cream but since it is not that good to over up dark circles I like to keep it for covering up blemishes and minor imperfections on the rest of my face. Nonetheless, I am still going to compare both of these concealers to help you make a choice if you really have to ;)

Packaging wise, I like the All Round Cover Stick better for hygienic reasons because you just twist the bottom and the bullet comes out just like a lipstick and you apply it where you want; whereas the Camouflage Cream comes in a small pot that you either have to dip your brush or fingers in and I am not a big fan of that. That said, the latter closes more securely. Another minor issue I have with the All Round Cover Stick is that the product doesn't go all the way down in the packaging hence you have to be careful when replacing the cap. As for the amount of product you get, with the All Round Cover Stick it's 2.6g while with the Camouflage Cream it's 3g so you get slightly more. I'm not sure about the price though but my wild guess would be that the All Round Cover Stick comes at a slightly cheaper price.

Both shades bear the number 010 and while they are almost the same shade, the All Round Cover Stick is just a smidge paler and has more of a pink undertone than Camouflage Cream thus I think is perfect for use under the eyes to brighten the area further. The texture is somewhat creamy for both of them but the Camouflage Cream has an even creamier formula but both blend nicely into the skin.

Left: Catrice All Round Cover Stick 010 Nude
Right: Catrice Camouflage Cream 010 Ivory

Both concealers need to be set with a little powder and Catrice even claim that Camouflage Cream can be rendered waterproof in doing so. There really is no difference in staying power for the two of them though as I find they last all day on me.

Now I already said that the Camouflage Cream is not the best concealer for the under eye area just because it tends to settle in fine lines and crease after a couple of hours but it works wonders to cover-up blemishes on the rest of the face. However, with the All Round Cover Stick, as the name implies, you can use it to cover up dark circles and blemishes. So if I'm in a rush, I would just dab this concealer on the problem areas and I'm good to go!

That said, I really can't choose between the two because I like both these concealers and I will probably repurchase both of these. Both concealers are available in three shades that are not really suited for darker skin tones.

You can find Catrice products in authorised pharmacies and you can keep up to date with product launches and offers by following the Catrice Malta Facebook page and website.

Catrice All Round Cover Stick was given to me as a PR Sample.

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  1. These concealers sound lovely, I am in need of a new one so I will check these out ^-^

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