My MAC Makeup Collection to date

To celebrate the official opening of the first ever MAC store in Malta any day this week (the excitement is so very real!!!), here is my MAC Cosmetics collection to date. I purchased all of these items abroad as MAC is always the first store I frantically look for and thus, my collection still growing; and now that we will have a store here I have a slight feeling that it will grow in no time ;) I am always overwhelmed with the choice at MAC stores and counters but slowly I look forward to increasing my collection!


MAC is of course well know for their amazing quality lipsticks. The colour range is outstanding as well as the different finishes - everyone will be pleased! Well ok, maybe not your wallet but you definitely will find something you like. Currently, I own three MAC lipsticks, Naked Paris {Lustre}, All Fired Up {Retro Matte} and Hot Gossip {Creme Sheen}. My favourite finish out of them all is the Creme Sheen but my favourite shade has to be All Fired Up which was actually chosen by my boyfriend.

Naked Paris is the first MAC lipstick I ever purchased (bought in Paris!) and it is a sheer brown nude.
All Fired Up is a matte fuchsia and Hot Gossip is a soft plummy mauve. I love the vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks carry and I am a big fan of the click with which they close. They are a little pricey for lipsticks but I sincerely don't mind paying full price for them because they perform really well!


I have two blushes from MAC, Gleeful Mineralize Blush and Dame Powder Blush. As far as packaging goes, I prefer the one for the Mineralize Blush which looks and feels more sturdy but when it comes to the blushes themselves, I can't choose between the two because both colours flatter my skin tone. Gleeful is more pigmented though and I suggest using a light hand to apply it, then build up the colour later according to your preference.


Probably the world's most popular black gel eye liner (and with good reason) comes in the form of MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. I will always have special ties with this product primarily because it was my very first MAC product (my dear friend Marija from Pocalocca got me it) and also because it has never let me down. Pigmentation is to die for and it just doesn't budge once dry - it even holds on my mum who sweats easily and she always asks me to apply some of it on special occasions!


Lastly, Dazzleshadow in Can't Stop Don't Stop. I haven't used this yet because I just bought it last week but when I swatched it at the counter, I absolutely had to get it! I don't think I will use it all over the lid but I think it will make a nice, dazzling eyeliner colour with it's purple base and multi-tonal reflects.

So that's it for my current, small MAC collection. What are your must-have MAC products?

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