August Collective Haul

It is time for my favourite end-of-month post! Haul posts and videos are my favourite because I feel they portray the blogger/vlogger's individual style and tastes...and they might even be a source of inspiration for your next buys!

This month was a little heavy in terms of shopping for shops were still on sale and the majority of them had prices slashed down by 70%. I took the opportunity to buy a few things to take with me to London this December (yes we will be going for the second time in a matter of 9 months!) and I need some different clothes since the temperatures will be much less than the previous visit.

Mango in Paola ticked most boxes and I was pleased to find good deals on clothes my size! Firstly, this suede leather jacket which originally retailed for €90 and I paid €44.99 for it. Next I got four new pairs of jeans at €22.49 per pair (sale price). Mango do some very good jeans and I have pairs from them over 5 years old and still look good! I also got some jumpers and tops and I couldn't resist the 'Bloggers Do It Better One' even though it was too big for me but I can always wear it around the house. The white jumper was €12.49, the half-sleeve top was €19.99, the navy blue one was €14.99 and the slogan one was €12.49.

I needed a new set of pajamas and I found this gorgeous set on sale at Boux Avenue. It was still a little pricey at €25 I guess but considering it was 50% off I don't think it's that bad of a deal and they are really comfortable! Incidentally my mum, was shopping at BHS and found me this pair of super comfy slippers that match the pajamas. They were only lying in the damaged goods bin priced just €3 and honestly, neither me nor my mum could find any damage. Well, they're mine at a bargain price anyways!

The last clothing related purchase I made this month is this gorgeous pair of leather pumps with ankle strap. I love shoes with ankle straps and the blood red colour of this one is just perfect come winter. The best part? It was down to just €35 from €96!

Up next are makeup and beauty purchases starting with MAC. Of course, my excitement over the opening of two MAC posts in Malta has not yet subsided so I went again and bought Brick-o-la Amplified Lipstick (€19), Petrol Blue PearlGlide Intense Eyeliner (€17.50) and Gleam Lustre eyeshadow (€18). Of course Ruby Woo lipstick and Soar liner were out of stock so when the second store opened and I got a call from my friend Marija that she could try and see if they have them, I jumped at the chance and here they are!!! Ruby Woo costs €19 and Soar costs €15.20. I also managed to drop Ruby Woo when I first opened it, hence the weird looking bullet tip in the picture.

I picked up some essentials from Yves Rocher and this is what I got; a lavender foot scrub (€5.10), Apple Star Anise Exfoliating Shower Gel summer limited edition (€4.50), Active Sensitive masque (€14.50) and Raspberry perfume (€5.60).

Other random bits I purchased are this Nivea lip balm, a Max Factor clear nail polish and the Max Factor CC Colour Corrector in Yellow as I really wanted to try it. I think the polish was €7.40 and the concealer was €10.40 but I can't remember the price of the lip balm.

The much anticipated and hyped about Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette has also made it's way to my makeup cabinet and I couldn't be happier! It cost me around €55 from but I think it is worth every cent!

Lastly, I have two Essence products which were a gift from a friend. So a few weekends ago, Essence organized an event where you paid €5 or €10 and you got the chance to dig in and take home whatever you could grab. She got the Gel Nails at Home Primer and an Effect Gel Top Coat and since she doesn't use gel polish, she gifted them to me :)

That concludes this month's haul post! Now I am going to try and be a very good girl and not buy anything till December so I can have money to splurge on a luxury item or two in London!

3 comments on "August Collective Haul"
  1. Ooh London again :)
    I'm lusting after the Urban Decay palette, looks gorgeous!

  2. How did you find the Ruby Woo Lara? As much as I love the colour it has migrated down to the bottom of my make up drawer. I can't stand the feel of it on my lips. It crumbles in the lips, it's drying! (Yes I exfoliated and moisturized my lips prior to application). I feel like I am the only girl in the world who hates it!

    1. Hi Julie,

      I'm sorry to hear that :( I have never had any problems with Ruby Woo or any of the MAC matte lipsticks for that matter. Try using a light layer Vaseline instead of lip balm so maybe it works better :) hope this helps you enjoy your lipstick to the max! Happy New Year!