Tommy John Inspired Date Night Outfits for Him & Her

Date night is quite a special occasion whether it is your first time meeting someone or scheduling an appointment where you can enjoy the company of your significant other in between hectic life routines.

I for one, always take my time into planning the perfect outfit in which I feel comfortable and I know my better half would like but a first date can be awkward since you don't really know the person and what they are looking for in a potential partner. At the same time, I think we all agree that first impressions count and tuning up in a stylish outfit for your date can really leave a positive impression on them. This holds true for both genders and I love it when I get to style my man when he calls for help when we're going out.

Comfort is of utmost importance both in terms of the outfit as well as the underwear beneath it. I feel that ill fitting underwear can totally ruin a good outfit. Here is a date night outfit idea for her and one for him including what I think is the best underwear to go with them:

Date Night Outfit for Her

Summer is all about having fun and that includes fashion too! I went for this bright dress in a shape that will flatter most figures and paired it with nude strappy heels and gold and green accessories for that something a little out of the ordinary. As for lingerie, I went for a nude colured set that will not show through. The lace gives it a more girly feel and I don't know about you but lace underwear gives me a confidence boost :)

Date Night Outfit for Him

As for the gentlemen, here is a comfortable smart casual outfit featuring trousers instead of the usual jeans. I personally prefer my man in a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up for a smarter look and the smart leather sneakers pull the outfit together. A watch is sort of a must for men as is a pair of good fitting boxers such as these ones from Tommy John. They come in a variety of colours to choose from and are a very good alternative to boxers that continually ride up. You don't want to spend all the time tucking in your boxers do you?

So there you go! I hope this post has offered a little bit of inspiration to women and men alike for that special night :)

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