My Ideal Makeup Bag (by brand)

The other day, I was talking to my friend Marija from Pocalocca when inevitably, discourse fell on the newly launched Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette (watch out for a post dedicated to it) and we both agreed that if someone had to ask us for the best eyeshadow brand (prices aside), we would suggest Urban Decay hands down. That got me thinking into writing up a post with different products that would constitute my ideal makeup bag by brand. Where possible, I shall list products from both drugstore and higher end brands to try and accommodate all budgets. 


Primer is an essential product in any makeup bag to make makeup last longer and I personally have a bunch of favourites. However, I would narrow my choice down to just two - Inglot Under The Makeup Base {€21} and MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Skin Refresher/Finishing Mist {€18}. I like the Inglot one better for winter because of the 'heavier' texture since it is silicone based and I favour MAC Fix+ more in the summer because it delivers a fine mist that is lightweight on the skin. Both prolong the wear of makeup beautifully and since the price of most drugstore primers fluctuates in the same price range, I would just buy one of these without hesitation. 


Foundation is a very personal thing for a lot of reasons - coverage, shade, finish, smell, etc all depend on the tastes of an individual. Sure, you can always splurge on a good foundation since it is the basis of a good makeup application but my favourites both come from drugstore brands. First off, my all time favourite NYX HD Photogenic Foundation {around €12} which has no SPF and consequently photographs beautifully. The other is the Catrice All Matt Plus{around €6} which offers higher coverage and is more suited for winter for that porcelain skin finish.


Again, NYX and Catrice are the winning brands for me in this category with the HD Concealer {around €10} and Camouflage Cream {around €4} respectively. The NYX concealer is an all rounder while I prefer to use the Catrice one for blemishes as it tends to crease under my eyes. Another very good concealer is the Max Factor CC Colour Corrector in Yellow to correct under eye circles {€10.40}.

Setting Powder

Catrice is a winner here with their Prime and Fine Translucent Mattifying Powder Waterproof {€5.60}. It provides a longer wear to makeup and mattifies any look effortlessly.

Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter

I rarely use bronzer and highlighter and limit them just for contouring, for which my favourite products are the Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Contour Kit {$21} and the more budget friendly alternative Makeup Revolution Ultimate Contour Palette {£8}. As for blush, I would hands down choose MAC. Be it their Powder {€18} or their Mineralize Blushes {€21} (the ones I have), I love both of them for their excellent pigmentation and longevity of wear.


As explained above, for me, nothing beats Urban Decay eyeshadow's buttery soft texture and insane pigmentation, even from the lightest shades. The Naked 3 and the Naked Smoky {€54 each} palette are my favourites but I also have a couple of single eyeshadows {$19} which I use all the time. They come at a price but honestly, it is justified.

Mascara, Eye pencil & Eye liner

Max Factor is a winner here with their False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara {around €12} and the Excess Intensity Eye Pencil. As for eyeliner, I choose MAC Fluidline {€18.50} for obvious reasons!

Lipstick & Lip liner

MAC lipstick {€19 each} is a cult favourite and no doubt I would choose their lipsticks over anything else anytime.

As for lip liners, Essence have some really good ones for around €2! If you want to splurge, I suggest you go for Revlon ColorStay which retail for around €10 if I am not mistaken.

Do you agree with the above suggestions? Anything else you would recommend?

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  1. Great post hun, I really enjoyed it! Got me thinking about what I'd choose... :)