Review | Catrice Luminous Lips Lipsticks 030 Undercover Nude and 040 Pretty Little Valentine

Catrice cosmetics have relaunched the Ultimate Shine lipsticks in a whole new format and are now calling them Luminous Lips. Personally, I had been waiting for this re-formulation to happen for a long while now because I always skipped purchasing the old ones because even though the colour selection was truly beautiful, they seemed to melt quickly (summers in Malta are very hot) and I generally didn't like them much.

However, with this new 14 colour range, I am definitely much more pleased. I chose two neutral colours to review which may seem very close but one is slightly darker than the other. 

The packaging is this smooth, satiny silver case which I really prefer over the mirror ones of the old range because you don't get finger prints all over them and you get the shade name and number on the bottom. 

Since these lipsticks belong to the Ultimate Shine range, they are on the sheer side but pigmentation is still decent and they have a shiny finish which feels very comfortable on the lips. I would say these last a couple of hours so it is best to carry them with you for touch-ups.

The shades I have are:

- 030 Undercover Nude ~ a standard nude medium brown with a shiny creme finish

- 040 Pretty Little Valentine ~ a nude medium brown that is a share or two lighter than shade 030 and has a golden shimmer running through. 

Overall, I am much more pleased with this new range from Catrice and look forward to trying more shades especially since they retail for a little over €4 if I can remember correctly.

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