Review | La Roche Posay Make-up Remover Micellar Water Gel for Sensitive Skin

I'm sure everyone has heard of micellar water and how it is apparently the only product French women used to cleanse their skin. I for one, have resorted to cleansing my skin with micellar water and I am also experimenting with cleansing oils recently and I can say that my skin has benefited quite a lot from me doing the switch (which was admittedly fueled by the Francophile in me). 

So micellar water is not exactly new to me but a micellar water gel??? That is definitely something new! Add to that the fact that is a La Roche Posay product, which in itself is a French skin care brand and one that I still use and trust to date and how could I refuse to give this innovative product a go?

First things first, the product comes in a simple 195ml pump bottle that can be re-closed, making it easier to take with you when travelling. I always like pump dispensers for you control the amount of product and you can get to the last drop. Since the bottle is transparent, it makes it easier to see how much product is left. I am also a fan of the little bubbles in the gel and the blue bottle looks good in my bathroom too :)

The gel is meant as a makeup remover and the company advises to apply the product to your wet face and not to rinse it. What I usually do is I apply the product onto two cotton discs and work my way over my face to dissolve the makeup and making sure that my face is entirely clean. With just two discs, it is usually enough for me to fully cleanse my face. Alternatively, you can use a wrung out muslin cloth to gently take off all the makeup and product after applying it in circular motion onto your skin.

The product is very effective at removing even waterproof makeup and has proven to be a total gem after coming in from a night out and the last thing I want to do is spend a good 10 minutes removing my makeup etc.

The texture is very pleasant and refreshing which is most welcome on hot summer days and it  is somewhere in between a gel and water - I'd say it's sort of a runny gel if you know what I mean. Like all other micellar waters I have used, my skin feels a little taut after using this product but I never experience burning or anything and it is nothing a good moisturiser can't fix. 

Have you ever tried micellar water? And this micellar water gel? Does it intrigue you?

La Roche Posay products can be found at authorised pharmacies. For information on stockists and where to sample the products, like the La Roche Posay Facebook page.

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