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In a bid to hold on to summer a little bit longer, the same thing always happens every year...I paint my nails in bright summery colours that make me feel good just by looking at them and this week I did just that...

...complementing my manicure are these cute 4mm square studs from Born Pretty Store. These studs come in sets of ten and you can either choose between 3mm round studs or 4mm square studs in pastel colours. The ones I have here are described as 'sky blue' on the website but for me, they are more of a green colour. I like every shade of green so it really is no big deal for me.

I adhered the studs in the same way I always do - apply a layer of clear polish onto the nail and gently press the stud in place; however, the two side points were not in contact with my nail as I have very round nail beds. To fix that, I used a gel top coat, also from Born Pretty Store, to fill in the little gaps and keep the stud in place for as long as I want to, and that did the trick!

There are four more colours to choose from, all of which will add a nice touch to your nail art designs!

These studs retail for $3.28 for 10 pieces and you can always knock 10% off their price with the code EBABK31 at checkout.

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1 comment on "Review | Born Pretty Store Pastel Nail Studs"
  1. Lovely mani, as always!!
    p.s. It's still super hot in Greece, never ending summer!