The Exit Interview Series | Volume #44

This month I have a good number of empties as I have been working on using up things so that I don't have much to transfer when I move in with my boyfriend early next year. I thought of using up things that I didn't reach for that much and others that, well, were nearing the bottom anyway.

For starters, I have some skin care products. I have used up the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot that I had in my skin care drawer for quite some time. It works very well at decreasing redness from pimples and leaving no marks on the skin but it doesn't work that well under makeup as it tends to form a crusty like patch wherever you apply it. I won't be repurchasing it. 

Next I have the Polaar Ice Pure Arctic Cotton Gentle Scrub which is probably my second tube. I love love love this scrub for its smell, texture and results it delivers! Will definitely repurchase once I finish the others I have. I also have a sample size of the Michael Todd Citrus Cream Moisturizer which I think works OK at keeping the skin hydrated and you can definitely tell there is citrus in it because of the smell. Not sure I would buy the full size of it though because I like my current moisturizer better.

The last skin care item I have today is the Beauty Friends II Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet Pack which I got from Wangbii in Sliema. I really enjoyed using this and I like the concept of sheet masks for I feel they are the only ones that really force me to relax as I have to lie down when I have them on my face. I have to check out the whole range and get a few more :)

Moving on, I have a small bottle of The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel. This was actually a gift and not really a smell I usually go for when I hit the store. Nonetheless, it smells really good and it is a scent I would consider repurchasing myself.

I have this tube of RevitaLash Volumizing Primer that I had gotten for free with a points exchange on a website that is no longer available. I really liked using this with mascaras that were not meant to be volumizing and I like the fact that it's a navy blue colour so I can easily cover it up with the mascara itself. I wouldn't repurchase though simply because I think it is expensive and if you find a good volumizing mascara, you don't need this. 

Next up I have Impluse Secret Smile body fragrance that is not a new appearance here for I constantly repurchase these and Essence Like A Million Miles Away perfume. I have used the perfume as a light everyday fragrance and if it weren't for the sizable perfume collection I own, I would definitely repurchase. I also have a sample of one of my favourite fragrances by Yves Rocher - Flower Party by Night that smells really girly with a hint of floral notes and doesn't smell too overpowering.

The last few products I have are all nail related, starting with this Cien Acetone Free Remover that I buy from Lidl because of its pump dispenser. I have also used up this BK Nail Lacquer Thinner from Born Pretty Store which I like and will repurchase as it does what it says.

The Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pencil is a good tool to have when doing nails on the go to correct polish mistakes but I usually prefer using a small brush dipped in polish remover. Also, if you use it with a stubborn colour such as red, the tip is practically unusable as you will get stains all over your fingers.

The last two products I have are the Sally Hansen Insta-Brite and the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, both of which I had high hopes for and I didn't even finish because they just don't work. They chip and lift off the nail minutes after application and are just no good.

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