Event | Cosmetic Surgery Techniques & Botox Live Demonstrations by People & Skin in collaboration with Linda Briggs

Botox and cosmetic surgery is not something I am considering for the near future. Nonetheless, I am always intrigued to keep on top of things and learn about other techniques in the beauty industry. Thus when an invite from the newly opened People & Skin Medical Aesthetics Clinic popped into my inbox, I made sure to attend the event.

For those familiar with the local med-aesthetic industry, People & Skin is the new clinic run by Dr. Joanna Delia who has 10 years experience in the field. The event was held within the artistic setting of the Lily Agius Art Gallery in Sliema and during the presentation, I couldn't think of a more suitable venue as what all the participating med-aesthetic doctors do is really another form of art!

Attendees were given presentations about Liposuction, Body Sculpting and Breast Reduction/Enhancement Surgery (by Dr. Foued Hamza), Implant and Restorative Dentistry (by Dr. Joseph Xuereb) and we were also shown live demonstrations of botox application and dermal fillers by Dr. Joanna Delia herself on a model and on Ms. Linda Briggs. Ms. Briggs is responsible for personal cosmetic and surgical advice and services in the UK and abroad, with Malta being one of her operating centres as well, boasting the largest company of the sort in all of Europe.

Ms. Linda Briggs

Dr. Foued Hamza

Dr. Joseph Xuereb

Dr. Joanna Delia performing live demonstrations of Botox (above) and Dermal Fillers (below)

Most of these cosmeticians have different work bases (mainly, Malta, London and Paris) and they co-ordinate all the necessary arrangements for patients to come to Malta from abroad to have their consultations and operations or else they come to Malta themselves to perform the procedures locally. 

Advances in the field can be seen first hand with the minimal incisions involved and the instant results which patients ultimately always crave.

All in all I really enjoyed the event and the delicious refreshments and canapes from Manuel's Kitchen.

For more information about such treatments, please visit the companies' Facebook pages and websites which I have linked throughout the post.

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