Products Worth The Hype | Part 2 - Drugstore

Following the High End version of Products Worth The Hype, here is the drugstore edition. Sometimes, we are so caught up in the hype surrounding high end products that we forget that there cheaper and just as good options out there. Here are my picks :)

L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray | Cost: around €7

This iconic hairspray has risen to such a status following lots of celebrities claiming that it is their go-to hairspray. I like the variety of hold strengths and finishes this comes in and that it doesn't leave any residue on the hair and can be brushed away easily.

E.L.F. Studio Powder Brush | Cost: €4/£4.50

This brush has been in my stash for ages now and I still keep using it! If there is one thing you should get from E.L.F. it is this brush! Seriously, it does a wonderful job at buffing out foundation and setting in with powder and since it has a flat top, you can easily adapt it for use as a contour brush!

NYX HD Photogenic Foundation | Cost: around €16/£14.50

By far my HG foundation! It applies beautifully, has a flawless finish, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and photographs nicely. Definitely my go-to foundation and I always make sure I have a backup.

NYX HD Concealer | Cost: around €10/£6

Seeing the foundation is so good, it is no surprise that this concealer makes the cut too. It has all the foundation's qualities and it doesn't crease under the eyes and provides exceptional coverage despite the light texture.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils | Cost: €9/£5

Another entry from NYX are the Jumbo Eye Pencils. Perhaps the most famous of them is Milk which is an excellent eyeshadow base especially for muted eyeshadows and mattes to make them pop. The super creamy blendable formula makes them exceptionally good bases for smoky eye looks too. My favourite for that is Slate, a gunmetal sort of dark grey.

Sleek iDivine Palettes | Cost: €10.49/£7.99

The hype surrounding these palettes every time a new one is about to be launched is insane...and with good reason! The colours are exceptionally well chosen to complement each other and the pigmentation is out of this world! These palettes really do up the game of drugstore eyeshadows and you get 12 very good quality eyeshadows for a mere price!

Vichy Dermablend Foundation | Cost: €17.90

Whenever my skin is behaving badly, I thank the Vichy gods for coming out with this foundation. A little goes a long way and it does a very good job at covering all my imperfections most of the time eliminating the need for concealer. The range also comprises other products and foundations that cover up tattoos as well.

Essence Lip Liners | Cost: around €2

There is no need to fork out a lot of money on lip liner when there are the Essence ones! They perform just as good as the higher end ones and from the comprehensible colour range, it is easy to find the one that matches your favourite lipstick!

Milani Baked Blushers | Cost: €8.12/£6

Milani make some pretty looking blushes which are always met with high expectations. The baked blush I have is the shade 05 Berry Amore which is excellent at this time of year to give a nice berry colour to the cheeks without being too overstated.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette | Cost: €10.82/£8

Who says contouring is dead? Not with the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette! The palette contains everything you can possibly need for contouring and highlighting your face like a pro at a fraction of the price. My favourite is the second bronzer from the left and I use it practically everyday! I like that the bronzers are matte becasue I think that way the make up looks more natural as opposed to using a shimmery bronzer.

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  1. I've not tried the NYX concealer but do like the foundation.

  2. Oooh so many of these are in my WL! I need to get them asap :D