The Exit Interview Series | Volume #45

As of this month, I have gone on a product purge kind of spree just because I am finding it a little ridiculous to heard copious amounts of all sorts of products when I don't really need them so best thing to do is actually get to using them!

Starting with hair products, I have used up the Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo and Conditioner which my hairdresser recommended since I had my hair keratin treated. The products lasted me for the full three months that the treatment was supposed to last (which it did) and they did a good job at preserving it. As a side note, when you have your hair keratin treated, you need to use specific products to maintain the treatment and they have to be sulfate free as this chemical denatures the chemical bonds in keratin and breaks it down. I do recommend this Joico duo and I shall be repurchasing once I do the keratin treatment again this December.

In a bid to try and have the keratin treatment last a little longer after I have finished the shampoo and conditioner, I resorted to this Keratin Protein mask from Hask which I got from Primark earlier this year. I will be getting more of this mask when I visit London again this December because I like how soft my hair felt after using it. The same can be said of this sample of Tres Emme Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment which helped maintain my hair smooth for a couple more days. However, none of these treatments actually compare to the real keratin treatment.   

The last hair product I have is the Joico Powder Whip Whipped Foam. This was part of an offer at my hairdressers' and I really like the travel sized format as it was very handy for me to carry around for Gozo weekends where I couldn't bother of blow-drying my hair in the summer heat. I just applied some of this mousse to wet hair and it was good to go!

Moving on to body products, I have this limited edition Apple Star Anise Exfoliating Shower Gel from Yves Rocher. This was part of their summer limited edition and I have really enjoyed bath time with this shower gel - it smells good and serves as an exfoliator too! Now if only they make it a part of their permanent range!

Another shower gel I used up is the travel sized Madagascan Vanilla Flower from The Body Shop. Vanilla is my all time favourite scent and I love these mini shower gels for small getaways which I had one too many of this year :) 

Next up are a couple of skin care products starting with the one product that has convinced me to rethink my whole skin care regimen and for which I have only words of praise - Polaa IcePure Arctic Cotton Micellar Water literally saved my skin! It cleanses the skin with very little effort and leaves it feeling oh so fresh and rejuvenated. I have completely switched to micellar water now and I am also keeping the bottle because it is so handy and practical. It does have a price tag alright but it something I am willing to pay for seeing it only has done a huge favour to my skin.

Also from Polaar is this High Protection Sun Cream which has been a very good companion all throughout summer. This was especially a favourite of my boyfriend who loved the non greasy texture and that he never got burnt when he applied this.

Lastly, I have some makeup products. So I have used up the Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof which is by far my favourite setting powder. There were some rumours that this product was going to be discontinued but apparently they were not true. Luckily I still have like two more backups of it excluding the one I am currently using.

The next two products I have are two of Essence Kiss Care Love Lip Balms which I haven't completely used up but were always being thrown at the back of my drawer because they give my lips a frosty kind of sheen that makes me look sick. I have also used up the E.L.F. Studio Lip Exfoliator which luckily I still have backups of since they have stopped shipping to Malta.

To conclude this post I have three mascaras. All of them perform really well but my favourite is the Max Factor one which I shall be repurchasing soon enough. The Catrice Mini Max I believe is discontinued but do get it if you find it. As for the Avon Mega Effects, the gadgety-like packaging intrigued me and the mascara worked fine at first but it clumped my lashes after a few uses so it's time to chuck it out!

That concludes this month's rather lengthy empties post! Let's hope I keep track and use up a few more products ;)  

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