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In my latest KIKO Cosmetics order I got a few pieces from their Rebel Romantic Limited Edition which I think you might want to see just in time to get them yourselves before they sell out. The collection revolves around the woman who is romantic by nature but has a more edgy, rebellious side. The collection boasts 38 beautiful pieces including pochettes, eyeshadow palettes, face products and lip products. 

I got myself a Rebel Bouncy Blush and two Intensely Lavish Lip Pencils from the collection. I think you will all agree that a lot of work has gone into designing the boxes of the products in the collection not just the actual packaging. The boxes have a soft, velvet-like feel all over and it's really a waste to throw them away.

The Rebel Bouncy Blush comes in this sangria coloured box with a curved top and bottom. The blush compact is a satiny rose gold colour and has a geometric design embossed on the left half of the lid. The compact also comes with a mirror on the inside. The shade I have is 04 Passion Red Wine, a name the blush colour lives up to! The blush texture resembles a sponge and has a very creamy formula, making it very blendable. I recommend using a light hand and then build up the colour to the intensity you want. This blush having a cream formula, I expected it to fade after a few hours but since the formula dries to a satin matt finish, the blush is quite long-lasting. I find it gives my skin a post-work out glow.

KIKO Cosmetics Rebel Romantic Rebel Bouncy Blush comes in 4 colours and each retail for €9.90 for 5g of product.

Next I have two Intensely Lavish Lip Pencils in the shades 05 Heavy Cherry and 06 Melodious Wine. Again, they come in a velvet touch box and they have a rose gold cap and the same geometric design as the blush around the lower part. The only thing that I don't like with these lip pencils is that you only have the shade number printed on them but not the name.

The colours are very similar to each other but shade 05 Heavy Cherry leans more towards a pinkish red while shade 06 Melodious Wine is more of a burgundy wine colour and is slightly darker. Both lip pencils have extremely good pigmentation and once dry, they won't budge. They transfer colour on the lips easily but it takes quite a lot of work to wear them as a matte lip colour on their own because they are not as creamy. The pencils are not retractable and thus you have to sharpen them to get more product out.

KIKO Rebel Romantic Intensely Lavish Lip Pencils
05 Heavy Cherry (left) and 06 Melodious Wine (right)

There are 4 Intensely Lavish Lip Pencils in the collection which retail for €4.90 each for 1.3g of product.

Have you tried anything from this collection yet?

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  2. The packaging is sooo pretty! And the shades look perfect for this time of the year