Review | MAC x Guo Pei Limited Edition Powder Blush in Red Water Lily

This year's luxury collection from MAC is a collaboration with China's most well-know couture designer Guo Pei which rose to world-wide stardom following pictures of the dress Rihanna wore to this year's Met Gala.

The collection revolves around a garden of serenity or rather a 'garden of the soul' theme and consists of many beautiful pieces, most of which are already sold out despite their higher than usual price. I really didn't need anything new but I just couldn't pass up this collection so I opted to get the Red Water Lily Powder Blush.

I haven't seen the collection at my local store so I had to try and find it online only to discover that the blush was no longer available on the UK site so I tried Ebay and managed to find a reliable seller that had one authentic blush in stock so I took the plunge.

The blush set me back €64 which I admit is way too pricey for a blush but when I received it, brand new and still in it's original box, that sort of justified every cent I spent on it. Let's take a moment to appreciate the packaging, from the box to the actual metal case with printed silk front and the flower motif embossed on the blush itself.

The colour, Red Water Lily is not red at all, more like a darker pink with no shimmer whatsoever and exceptional pigmentation. I think this blush is perfect to add a hint of warm colour to the cheeks that lasts for hours on end! The texture of this blush is very fine and the colour can be built up to the intensity one desires.

I think this blush is a miniature work of art that every makeup collector would covet but with the price tag it comes with, I admit it is not for everyone. 

How do you feel about this collection? Would you get anything from it, considering the higher price tag?

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  1. Wow..It is too nice by having a blush in this peach color.May it will be pink. whatever i like those both color very much and i wish i had this in my make up kit.Thank you for posting.
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