Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals | Ultra Flat Contour Brush & Ultra Contour Foundation Brush

Makeup Revolution are seriously upping their game with many new releases lately; and as it happens (!), I made an order to get some of their new stuff, including two brushes from their new Ultra Metals range, which is clearly meant to be a dupe to Real Techniques Bold Metals collection.

I settled on the Ultra Flat Contour Brush and the Ultra Contour Foundation Brush as these two are the ones that intrigued me the most from the Real Techniques range but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to spend more than £20 on a single brush. The Makeup Revolution brushes I have here retail for £9.99 each so less than half the price of the RT ones.

The brushes are really pretty to look at with their rose gold handles and pristine white synthetic hairs. The only set-back with the handles is that every finger-print shows so I constantly wipe them away (yes I am OCD like that). I do like the transparent box with rose gold details they come in, but would have appreciated if they included a brush guard as well to protect the bristles while travelling. They also come with a plastic stand inside the box.

Ultra Contour Foundation Brush

This brush has probably the strangest shape I have ever seen - it's like a pyramid with a tapered end, where the flat side is meant to allow application of foundation over a large area whilst the angled edges enable precise application around the eyes and nose area.

The brush is not really heavy at all and I like the flat side of it which prevents the brush from rolling over my dressing table if I happen to rest it there. The brand logo is imprinted on the ferrule and I like that because it won't wash away.

The bristles are quite dense but very flexible and I like that for an initial application of the product but I prefer a stiffer brush or sponge for buffing out the foundation.

As for washing, I have washed this brush a few times and haven't had any issues with the hairs shedding or retaining foundation stains. Also, drying time is quite comparable to other brushes I have.

Ultra Flat Contour Brush

The next brush I have is meant for contouring and highlighting. Like the foundation brush, it has the brand logo imprinted on the ferrule but I think I like the weight of this one better - it just makes it feel like it is more expensive than it actually is.

The bristles on this brush are much shorter and denser to allow a better coverage in one application. Although it is called a 'flat' contour brush, the bristles are cut at a slight angle. Since it is so dense, I prefer to use this brush with powders rather than with cream products. Although it is denser, this brush doesn't take longer than the foundation brush to dry after washing and again, I haven't had issues with shedding or staining of the bristles. I like to use this brush with bronzers from the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette.

I think that these brushes do a very good job at what they are intended for and I would definitely recommend them. You can buy them from the Makeup Revolution website at £9.99/€14.06 each.

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  2. They are so so pretty! I don't love the RT brushes as I used to since the stippling brush died on me so I'm willing to try the Makeup Revolution ones!