Nail Art Tutorial | Fuzzy Sweater Nails 3D

Earlier this week I posted a picture of the manicure I was wearing featuring a sweater nail accent on my ring finger and many of you asked for a tutorial, and well, here it is! 

The effect is best achieved with gel polish and here I will be using the Orly GelFX system. Here is what you will need:

- Gel base coat
- Gel colour (I am using Orly GelFX Artificial Sweetener)
- Gel top coat
- Gel Cleanser
- Buffer
- Stainless steel cuticle pusher or spatula
- Small-sized dotting tool or size 0 nail art brush
- Piece of aluminium foil
- Clear or coloured embossing powder
- Lint-free wipes
- UV/LED lamp
- Nail brush

1. Prep your nails according to the instructions with your gel polish system, buff the surface of the nail and apply the base coat. Cure for the appropriate time.

2. Apply the first coat of the coloured polish and cure.

3. Apply a second coat if desired and cure again.

4. Apply top coat and cure.

5. Cleanse the nail to remove the tacky layer from the top coat and prepare it for nail art.

6. Put a few drops of gel polish on a small piece of aluminium foil and using a small dotting tool, start drawing a cable knit pattern on the nail. Make sure to apply the gel thickly and leave little gaps between the motifs so that the design remains clearly distinguishable. Cure when satisfied with the design.

7. Go over the design once more with the gel colour. Do not cure.

8. Using a spatula or stainless steel cuticle pusher, apply some clear embossing powder over all of the nail, taking special attention to cover the whole design. I prefer to use clear embossing powder because it takes up the base colour and goes with everything. The embossing powder will give the design a textured look and feel.

9. Tap the excess powder off the nail and cure in the UV lamp.

10. Remove any excess embossing powder from the nail with a nail brush and follow with a little cleanser on a lint-free wipe.

11. Your sweater nails are ready to rock!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and do let me know if you re-create the design yourselves by posting pictures on my Facebook page :)

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