Happy New Year 2016!

Hello guys and Happy New Year 2016 to all of you! After a week of absence, it feels good to be blogging again though deep inside I wish I'm still strolling through the streets of London.
For my first post of the year, I wanted to thank all those of you who have supported the blog in so many ways - reading my posts, commenting, offering suggestions, collaborations, etc - Thank You so much!
2015 has set a really high bar for 2016 in terms that it has been a very good year in all aspects. Of course, it had it's downs but it was mostly ups and I'm grateful for that so please, 2016, follow your predecessor and be good to me :)
This year, I have many personal challenges to look forward to, probably the biggest of them all is moving in with my boyfriend next month. Living with someone else is not easy and I do have my fears and insecurities about such a big step but I will welcome it with open arms and make the best of it as I am sure my boyfriend will do too. We also have other destinations to travel to together during 2016 and I shall be ticking a few things off my bucket list too!
In terms of blogging, expect more exciting reviews, collaborations and outfit posts; and who knows, this may be the year I finally embark on my very own Youtube journey :) I still have to share some posts relating to December such as hauls, empties and favourites first so watch out for them :)
Thus, 2016, bring on twelve good months, I am ready for you :)

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