Review | Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert Sponges Soft & Hard

Apart from the Ultra Metals Brushes, Makeup Revolution have also launched some new sponge applicators, of which I got the Advanced Complexion Expert Sponges in both the Soft and Hard versions.

The first sponge I want to talk about is the Advanced Complexion Expert Soft. The sponge comes in a transparent plastic box with rose gold details. It has two slant edges and a pointy, tapered end on the opposite side, a very unique shape for a makeup sponge compare to the others we have seen before. It is pale yellow in colour.

The Advanced Complexion Expert Soft is meant specifically for blending to create amazing HD results. The sponge is meant to be used wet and apart from preventing it from absorbing product itself, wetting it helps to further blend the foundation for a flawless, airbrushed look. I also like to use its wedged end when baking my makeup.

Of course, when wet, the sponge expands to a bigger size, which gives you a better grip, thus more control over ease of application.

I have washed the sponge already and I haven't had issues with it tearing apart but it does retain some stains.

Next up is the Advanced Complexion Expert Hard which comes in an identical box as the soft sponge, has the same shape but is black instead of pale yellow.

Prior to wetting the sponge, I really couldn't tell the difference between the two sponges but after that, I could understand why the black sponge is named hard. It really is harder to squeeze and this makes it the perfect tool for sculpting and applying cream contour products.

Again, I haven't had any issues with this sponge while cleaning it and I like that it doesn't retain product stains.

The price of these sponges is what makes them really good value for money products as they would need to be replaced every three months or so, thus I really don't see why you have to pay more for the same product just because it is a different brand when there is a cheaper yet equally good alternative.

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  2. How well did they do when you applied your foundation? Good finish?

    1. Hi LianneL, yes the finish is good :) I prefer the black though, never had any problems and foundation looks even :)