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This week, precisely on Tuesday and Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending two beauty seminars showcasing Swiss skin care brands Declaré and Juvena respectively. I was really looking forward to both seminars and the event description on the official invites got me even more excited!

First off, the seminars took place at Fort St. Angelo in Vittoriosa - a majestic fort that stood the test of time as it's beginnings date back to the 1200's I believe. So, on the first day, we were presented with Declaré - a brand committed to bringing out the beauty of sensitive skin, and it is the brand I shall be talking about in this post. I will then talk about Juvena in a separate post.

The view from Fort St. Angelo with Valletta in the distance

Swiss international trainer Ms. Elke Praemassing presented both brands to us in a very passionate manner - she walked us through all the products and the brands' philosophy in extreme detail so without further ado, let's get right into discovering Declaré!

Ms. Elke Praemassing delivering the presentation (left)
Ms. Elke Praemassing, Maria from All Things Lady and myself 

As I stated earlier, Declaré is specifically targeted towards the needs of sensitive skin; and no matter what stage in life we are in, there is a product range for every age group as well as a range for men and a comprehensive sun protection line. Upon learning that Declaré is aimed towards sensitive skins, my interest sparked so I was really keen to get to know more about it.

Declaré was founded in 1978 and it is consequently the oldest brand on the market with each and every product in the range aimed at treating the needs of sensitive skin. The name Declaré comes from the verb to declare as the brand makes sure to declare all the ingredients found in each product so as to make it easier for the consumer to understand what it is they are putting on their skin. Being a brand with Swiss origins, of course, as one would expect, every product undergoes strict QC tests to ultimately yield the highest level of quality possible. One point that is interesting to note is that all claims have to be thoroughly tested by a panel of individuals with sensitive skin and only if all of them respond to the new products without any reactions, are the final products launched on the market.

The basis of all products by Declaré is the src-complex which stands for sensitivity reducing complex and is unique to Declaré. The src-complex aims to improve the skin's barrier and in doing so, it reduces irritation and actively protects skin cells. As I already said, Declaré has various lines to cater for different degrees of skin sensitivity but the main focus of the seminar was on the Pro Youthing range. We got the chance to try out the majority of the products during the presentation so we could feel their luxurious textures. Declaré products are from allergen-causing fragrances and parabens.

The Declaré Pro Youthing range is meant as an anti-aging prevention line and the scientists behind it have been awarded a Nobel prize for the research they did for this same line and as soon as it was launched, it received a SPA Award in 2013, specifically for the Youth Supreme Concentrate. Declaré market their Pro Youthing range as the dawn of a new skin care era as it is a line revolving around the promotion of healthy skin aging on a molecular level. Thereby, it is committed to protecting the cellular dividing process through preserving the cells when undergoing such a process. More information on the Declaré brand and products can be found on their website.

What made this event unique? First of all, the setting was a stunner in it's own right, then came the food - freshly baked goods for breakfast (I help myself to a fragrant croissant and orange juice), salmon and cream cheese sandwich as a light snack, and then came lunch - a feast of flavours with molecular cuisine from Caviar & Bull. The latter is one of my favourite fine dining spots on the island and they really did a great job at preparing some molecular cocktails and healthy dishes - I opted for some cheeses, a slice of multi-seed bread, some cold pasta salad and a fruit and walnut salad. The molecular foods really tied in well with the molecular skin care theme!

For the last part of the event, we were given a demonstration with the skin analysis machine and the beauticians in attendance were shown how a Declaré cabin treatment is carried out. Unfortunately I couldn't stay till the end of the event but I did manage to get my skin analysed and I am happy to know my skin is aging well :)

I have already started testing out the products given to me and look forward to share my thoughts on them with you all!

Have you ever tried Declaré? What do you think of the brand? Leave your comments in the comments section below!

More pictures from the event can be found on my Facebook page.

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