Event | Declaré & Juvena Beauty Seminars | Part 2 ~ Juvena

The day after the Declaré seminar, it was time to discover Juvena, a more luxurious anti-aging brand, also pertaining to Troll Cosmetics GmbH.

Once again, the seminar took place at Fort St. Angelo and Ms. Elke Praemassing was once again our speaker for the day. She introduced Juvena as the brand with 60 years of anti-aging research for the skin. In fact, Juvena was launched in 1954 with their first product being a light yet nourishing anti-aging cream. The name of the brand is derived from the Latin word 'juvenalis' meaning youthfulness. Juvena is also one of the very first brands to promote protection against the sun's  UV rays and in the 1980's, upon explaining the concept of free-radicals, Juvena came up with a Vitamin E cream. The brand's anti-aging expertise continued to grow and in the next decade, they launched a co-enzyme Q10 cream - establishing itself as a pioneer brand in the business.

Ms. Elke Praemassing

Moreover, Juvena has come up with SkinNova Technology which is basically skin care with a medical background, first developed by Jacqueline D'Amour and it is aimed at helping skin cells to regenerate and protect them whilst doing so. This technology has now evolved to SkinNova SC Technology, SC standing for stem cells. SkinNova SC Technology provides the ideal micro-environment to ensure the skin cells' optimal regeneration. This is the basis of all Juvena products. Juvena brand ambassador, Barbara Shett, an Austrian tennis player really embodies the brand's philosophy - she is sophisticated in her simplicity and naturalness.

The seminar focused on the Phyto De-Tox range which is made up of products that provide special detoxifying care by focusing on the skin's own detox systems. In doing so, Phyto De-Tox renews the skin and restores radiance.

To carry on with the detox theme for the day, we had a fun yoga session thanks to Hot Yoga Malta and food throughout the day was prepared by The Grassy Hopper, a vegan/vegetarian eatery. I must say I really enjoyed the banana and almond muffins, avocado sandwiches and energy balls. Unfortunately though, due to other commitments I had to leave prior to lunch time but I still managed to take a few snaps of the healthy food offerings!

photo courtesy of Paloma Cosmetics Ltd.

For more information about Juvena, you can have a look at their website. Juvena and Declaré are imported in Malta by Paloma Cosmetics Ltd.

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