Makeup MAC!

Last Tuesday, I was invited to have my makeup done at MAC by their senior international makeup artists Michele and Roberta who flew in just for the occasion following Paris and Milan fashion weeks which have been a huge personal success for both of them.

I was greeted by Roberta and as soon as I sat down to have my makeup applied, Michele came forward and introduced himself while Roberta worked her magic. We discussed current makeup trends and the look they wanted to achieve on me. We settled on a fresh skin, natural look with the focus being the eyes which is very in right now and in Michele's own words he wanted to give me Audrey Hepburn eyes and he unarguably made my day!

photo courtesy of Kim, Sliema store manager

So, Roberta started by cleaning and prepping my skin and followed with the new Studio Waterweight Foundation (not a MAC foundation shade virgin anymore, yay!!) and some concealer. She then went on to give me very full brows which I loved (brows are something I am still struggling with so I really appreciated the tips). Next came some nude eyeshadow courtesy of Groundwork Paint Pot and some extra long, volumised lashes (Michele picked no. 34 for me) but since they were brown, they still looked quite natural.

For cheeks and lips, Roberta used So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush - an almost neon pink shade which I was scared of at first but the blended it into a very natural flash of colour. To finish off, Michele a coat of Money, Honey Dazzleglass on the lips and with what remained on the wand, he dabbed it on the centre of my eyelids for a glossy effect that is so in right now.

I was so pleased with how the finished look turned out, I didn't want to take it off! I am really glad to have met two makeup masters and have my makeup applied at MAC - something I will definitely consider if I have a special occasion coming up!

Have you ever had your makeup applied at MAC? What do you think of the final look? Let me know in the comments section below ;)

2 comments on "Makeup MAC!"
  1. You should totally do your brows this way! Such a flirty and chic make up look! xx

  2. Wow! You look stunning and I love the brows, they look absolutely amazing! Definitely makes you look younger as well! I've had my makeup done my Mac before. It wasn't for an event, but when I was shopping, the staff kept asking if I'd like to try this and that and before I knew it, she was doing my entire face! Haha..