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For my last birthday, my boyfriend earned a lot of brownie points for gifting me with one of the Christian Louboutin lipsticks I had been lusting over ever since I learnt they were to be released. I already owned the Rouge Louboutin nail polish so my boyfriend went for the matching shade of lipstick, which also has the same name, and has a Silky Satin finish.

Just like the nail polish, the lipstick comes in a lush presentation box - shiny and black all over with a red stripe in the middle all around it's perimeter. On opening, the lipstick rests in a plastic mould covered in soft, red felt. The lipstick is encased in the most exquisitely adorned metal case that definitely has some weight to it. The cap comes with a loop through which you can thread a chain or use the string that comes with the lipstick to wear the lipstick as a statement necklace, but with its weight I doubt anyone is courageous enough to let it dangle from their neck.

The inspiration behind the packaging of these lipsticks is Queen Cleopatra and her love of all things opulent and rich; this is what makes these lipsticks covetable objets d'art

The lipsticks are offered in three finishes - Silky Satin, Sheer Voile and Velvet Matte with each finish having a different case and cap to the other two. The colour selection is nothing out of the ordinary but there is your usual span of colours ranging from the nudes to darker, deeper shades. All three finishes of Rouge Louboutin come in a black case while all the other colours come in a gold case.

Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin comes in a shiny black case with what remind me of mermaid tail scales at the very bottom. The same design features in the silver part of the cap while the gold part has pointy studs all around. The inside of the cap is red, much like the red soles on Louboutin shoes and there is the Louboutin logo printed on the gold part of the lipstick case. There is no logo on the lipstick bullet and the colour looks matte at first.

I have to say that this lipstick has very good pigmentation and the colour does not bleed. It lasts for a good number of hours and I like that it fades uniformly to a stain all over the lips so you are not left with patchy lipstick. The formula feels very comfortable on the lips and it doesn't feel dry even after the colour fades.

Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin
just applied (left); after 6 hours (right)

Now I'm sure you know these lipsticks retail for a whopping £60 (roughly €85) which is way too expensive for a lipstick however, I still think they would make a nice gift for beauty junkies and Louboutin fans.

Would you buy a lipstick this expensive? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. I personally believe that everyone has different hobbies/passions/loves. Someone may put that money towards something car related which wouldn't make sense to me. In conclusion I don't think I'd spend 85eur on a lipstick but I might spend it on something which may still be considered frivolous. Enjoy your lipstick 😀 It's a gorgeous gift