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Sundays call for light reading and today I wanted to introduce you to Avène Eau Thermale. I was cordially invited to the exclusive launch event which took place at Villa Arrigo in Naxxar last week.

We were briefed on the product range by one of the brand managers for Malta over some prosecco just before the event officially commenced by an address delivered by Her Excellency the French Ambassador for Malta. Her introduction was followed by another two presentation during which we got to learn about the Avène Hydrotherapy Center and the dermatological services it offers, as well as the full product range offered by Avène Eau Thermale.

photo courtesy of the Avene Eau Thermale Facebook page

It all started in 1736 with the discovery of the thermal spring, the same one where the Avène Hydrotherapy Center stands today, and nowadays, the brand has established itself as one of the leaders as far as treatment for sensitive skin is concerned.

All Avène products are manufactured at the site itself under strict, sterile conditions, thus making them optimal to care for the needs of sensitive skin. Avène Eau Thermale or Thermal Spring Water, which is the product the launch mostly focused on, is suitable for a lot of uses in both dermatological treatments and daily skin care. A few examples are to ease sensations of discomfort and soothe redness on the skin as well as after hair and makeup removal and after shaving. It is also fit to use on babies when they get diaper rash and it provides some much needed moisture after exercising and while travelling.

The comprehensive Avène Eau Thermale range tackles all stages of skin - from the younger ones to the more mature ones and there is also a sun care range, all of which have the needs of sensitive skin at heart.

Have you ever tried Avène? What are your thoughts on it?

Avène is distributed in Malta by PharmaMT.

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  1. This launch event looks great. Loved watching all these photos. I will be hosting a grand event on my boutique’s 5th anniversary and would like to host carnival style event at one of outdoor event venues. Hopefully, will be able to manage things smoothly.