Introducing SkinCeuticals New Products for 2016

SkinCeuticals, the authoritative brand in anti-oxidant skin care, has just recently launched its new products for 2016 and a few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the launch event where special guest speaker Ms. Jennifer Bedran, SkinCeuticals’ Skin Education Expert, introduced the said new products.

Product samples
(photos taken by me)
Ms. Jennifer Bedran

SkinCeuticals is not new to this blog and if you have been following for some time, you would know that the brand combines powerful state-of-the-art medical procedures with premium products, to make sure patients achieve optimal skin health and anti-aging benefits from all treatments. During the event we were introduced to three new products and an innovative 'lunch-break' rejuvenating Gel Peel treatment, of which we had a live demonstration by Ms. Bedran herself.

Let's have a look at the new anti-aging innovations from SkinCeuticals, starting with Metacell Renewal B3. Metacell Renewal B3 utilizes a patent-pending aqueous emulsion to deliver a high concentration of vitamin B3 to address early signs of photo-aging (aging due to sunlight). While signs of sun damage appear at different intensities according to skin biology, lifestyle, sun protection behaviour, and skincare regimen, they have a multiplicative effect, creating a prematurely-aged appearance. This comprehensive daily emulsion visibly improves these early signs of photo-aging by increasing cell turnover to resurface skin, help re-clarify and even out the skin tone, and improve the appearance of wrinkles and surface elasticity.

Next is Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2. Aging skin is significantly more susceptible to lipid depletion: the loss of natural compounds in skin’s surface, present in the form of ceramides, natural cholesterol, and fatty acids. This lipid loss compromises the skin’s natural protective barrier, resulting in visible signs of accelerated aging, as skin loses its ability to effectively self-repair.

Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is an anti-aging cream formulated with a maximized concentration of lipids. This unique anti-aging lipid correction cream contains the first 2:4:2 cholesterol-dominant ratio to help restore skin's external barrier while potently nourishing aging skin for improvement in signs of accelerated aging, such as dry and rough skin, laxity and loss of fullness.

Lastly for new products, we have Phloretin CF Gel. Phloretin CF Gel is a new, powerful serum-in-a-gel antioxidant featuring a patented combination of 2% Phloretin, 10% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic Acid), and 0.5% Ferulic Acid to neutralize free radicals induced by environmental stressors such as UVA/UVB and pollution which may lead to visible signs of accelerated skin aging. Phloretin CF Gel diminishes hyperpigmentation, accelerates cell-renewal and retexturizes skin. Its comforting gel base makes it ideal for normal to combination skin and non-serum users. I have a few samples of the Phloretin CF anti-oxidant concentrate myself and my skin loves it whenever I treat it to the product so expect excellent results with its new counterpart as well.

Following the new products presentation, we assisted to a live demonstration of a new rejuvenating gel peeling which is being dubbed as the 'lunch break' peeling as it literally does not take more than 30 minutes to complete. The skin is instantly brightened following this treatment and the best part of it all is that contrary to other peeling treatments, there is no redness on the skin whatsoever!

Ms. Jennifer Bedran applying the 'lunch-break' peel on her model for the night
(photos taken by me)

The new SkinCeuticals products and the Gel Peel are now available exclusively from Persona in Ta’ Xbiex, where expert staff await you to help you  tailor your own personalized skincare regimen.

All photos courtesy of Persona Med-Aesthetic Clinic unless otherwise stated.

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