MFWA 2016 | Preparing for your best experience yet!

The most awaited week in the local fashion calendar is fast approaching - the 6th edition of the Malta Fashion Week and Fashion Awards was launched a couple of weeks ago at the exceptionally artistic Cavalieri Art Hotel and the 'theme' for this year has been presented as Fashion Fortress for the vast majority of the events will take place at the newly restored Fort St. Angelo in the city of Vittoriosa (Birgu for the locals). This year's edition is now less than a month away and the excitement is really building up!

You can have a look at the promo video below for an idea of what is in store this year:

Fashion week brings with it a lot of preparation for us bloggers and those attending the shows - mainly what to wear and on which day. The aim of this post is to provide a more clear picture of how you can prepare for fashion week and make the experience a breeze! This will be my third year in attendance and I can guarantee all those joining us for the first time, it will be an experience you will look back on with a smile. If on the other hand you will not be attending the events, make sure to follow me on social media for live updates ;)

Plan ahead 

Planning ahead is key especially when it comes to outfits. I like to dedicate a Saturday morning to look at my wardrobe and carefully plan and try on outfits for specific events. I then type everything into an Excel sheet so I don't need to remember everything - and make sure I don't forget anything! Having everything on a computer means I can move the outfit plans with ease accordingly. Accessories complete an outfit so always make sure to include them in your try on day and jot them down too. Also, make sure you know the event start times and familiarise yourself with the venues so you know where you're heading to if you're running a little late! You can view the calendar of events here.

Shop your stash... and the shops

Going to fashion week doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe specifically for that week, though if you feel like it, by all means do so. What I personally like to do is to check out the latest trends and have a look at my own wardrobe first, then I proceed to buying a few key, interesting pieces to revamp my outfit and since it's fashion week, give it a bit of a more daring edge. Having said that, make sure you will continue to wear said pieces and that you feel comfortable in them.

Pay tribute to designers

Fashion week gives the opportunity to both local and international designers, new and established ones alike, the opportunity to showcase their current collection. Some of the established ones, even have their own show and if you already own something from the respective designer, it is nice to wear it to their show. The same goes for the sponsors* of Malta Fashion Week and Awards; all of this would not be possible without their help so it's good to shop from them for fashion week shows as well.

Prepare your outfits the night before

During fashion week itself, I like to lay out the outfit I will be wearing on the next day, the night before and see if anything needs to be ironed etc. I also like to keep little post-its stuck against my wardrobe with the date and outfit pieces written on them so I make sure to have a backup plan if my computer is down, mobile is dead etc and I don't have immediate access to the Excel sheet I mentioned earlier.

Make time for makeup & hair

If you need to, schedule appointments at your hairdresser/makeup artist/nail technician well in advance. If on the other hand you are doing your own, make a list of the products you are going to be using and lay them out with your outfit as well. Shop for the things you need and make sure to practice looks before if you are trying them for the first time. For nails, I suggest going for a gel manicure that is going to last you for the whole week and you have one less thing to worry about ;)

Awards Night

The culmination of Malta Fashion Week is the uber glamorous awards night - again plan ahead for beauty appointments and if you need to have a dress made from scratch, make sure you meet your seamstress well in advance.

Blogging Equipment

Us bloggers need to carry a lot of equipment with us to fashion week shows such as cameras, smart phones and all the works. Make sure your equipment is fully charged and have a (charged!) power bank with you as well. Oh and don't forget your media pass ;) 

So that is all I have to say for this post! Is there anything you would like to add? Have you found this post helpful?

The 6th Edition of the Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards will be held between the 14th and the 21st of May. Keep updated by liking their page on Facebook. *The Malta Fashion Week and Fashion Awards are sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, Aldo Shoes, Tresemme, Chamilia at 202 Jewellery.

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  1. Simply reading this makes me more excited for Fashion Week. :) I already started planning my outfits for my First ever Fashion Week :)