Review | Vichy Dermablend [3D Correction] Foundation

Vichy's Dermablend line has already established as the makeup line of choice with people who want to cover up acne and certain skin conditions yet still be able to achieve that perfect, natural look. Recently, the same Dermablend range has expanded a little more with the launch of a revolutionary foundation.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the launch of the new Dermablend foundation, the [3D Correction]. After witnessing with my own eyes, what this foundation is capable of doing, I really couldn't wait to try it out myself. I had already tried the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation but this new whipped cream texture of Dermablend 3D really got me curious to try it.

Vichy Dermablend 3D comes in a black box that matches the 30ml tube the product is supplied in. I really like the matte, satin finish of the tube for it really conveys the smooth application of the product. (As a side note, Vichy is changing the Dermablend range packaging to black so all the products will now be supplied in black tubes instead of white).

The Dermablend [3D Correction] foundation comes out of the tapered end of the tube and I have to admit I really like this way of dispensing the product as you have complete control over how much product comes out. 

The whipped cream texture of this foundation is what makes it so revolutionary and unique - it aims to level and cover indented scars and acne bumps in 1 layer. Now, personally I do get the occasional hormonal breakout but I don't get anything serious and I have no scars and bumps but I still wanted to see how it will cover up these occasional breakouts.

Having always used fluid foundations, I have to admit I found it a little difficult to work with this whipped cream texture at first. Taking out just a little bit of foundation on a palette and building coverage as I go is what I found to work best for me. Also, a flat foundation brush is your best bet when working with this foundation. Denser brushes don't really work well with this foundation as it will otherwise cake on. One layer of foundation is enough for me and I was positively surprised at how natural it looks - you can barely tell I am wearing makeup! It dries to an ultra matte finish which is what I look for in a foundation.

left: no makeup; right: wearing Vichy Dermablend [3D Correction] foundation

Another definite plus to this foundation is the staying power. On my oily skin, it lasted for more than 9 hours (it is supposed to last a total of 16 hours but I didn't wear it that long), thus it is perfect for workdays as it will see you flawlessly throughout the day. Vichy claim that Dermablend [3D Correction] treats acne and gives a more uniform complexion with each use but I cannot really attest to that as my breakouts go down within a couple of days.

Vichy Dermablend [3D Correction] is available in 4 shades:

Vichy Dermablend [3D Corrrection] Foundation swatches - first swatch: 15 Opal; third swatch: 35 Sand
Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation swatches - second swatch: 25 Nude; last swatch: 45 Gold
{top in natural light; bottom with flash}

Vichy Dermablend [3D Correction] is oil-free, non comedogenic, dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested and it is non-acnegenic. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and contains no parabens and has an SPF of 25.

Due to the thicker nature of this foundation, I prefer to use it when my skin really needs help to look its absolute best but since the finished look is still very natural, I wouldn't mind using it everyday. I would especially recommend the Dermablend [3D Correction] for people with oily skin types.

Here is a little swatch comparison between both formulas of the Dermablend Foundations in shade 15 Opal:

Vichy Dermablend [3D Correction] foundation swatch (left) vs Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation (right)
{left photo in natural light; right photo with flash}

The Fluid Corrective Foundation looks a little lighter in the pictures but in reality, both shades are identical when applied on the face.

I have said it multiple times before and I will say it again now, Vichy Dermablend foundations are hands down the best on the market and best of all, they retail for only 18 euros each. The full Vichy Dermablend range can be found at various pharmacies around Malta and Gozo. Like their Facebook page to stay updated with upcoming products and competitions!

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7 comments on "Review | Vichy Dermablend [3D Correction] Foundation"
  1. Hi Lara!
    I love your review and I am interested in this foundation, but I doubt if the 15 opal will not be too dark or yellow for me. I'm NW15, what do you think?!

    Kisses from Brazil!

    1. Hi Kaa :) I think you would have to mix this foundation with one of yours to obtain a more perfect match as it does have a yellow undertone. I am NC15 and it is a perfect match in fact. Hope this helps!

    2. It helped a lot yes, thank you! xx

  2. Hey Lara, could you please tell me if the Vichy dermablend in mineral based please ?

    1. Hi Charlene :)

      No, I'm afraid it's not mineral based. Usually mineral based makeup offers sheer to medium coverage whereas this is intended to offer coverage to acne prone skin. It does contain ingredients that help scars to heal over time. Hope this helps!

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  4. Hi there,
    I currently use the dermablend liquid foundation in 10N ... which 3D shade would be the best match to this in your opinion? Thanks, Elaina