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Review | Born Pretty Store Chameleon Glitter

It's been a long time since I last showed my nails on this space but that's because I had some issues with broken nails and I really couldn't wait for them to grow back so that I can try this duochromatic fine glitter from Born Pretty Store.        

The glitter comes in a small pot (be careful each time you open it as you are bound to make a mess) and can be used both on nails and for make up as well as for crafts and decorative purposes. I decided to use it on my nails to spice up a nude nail polish and boy was I impressed with how it turned out!

All I did was apply the nail polish as usual and allowed the second coat to go tacky before I dipped the opposite index finger into the pot and gently dabbed the powder onto my nails. I thin sealed everything with a top coat to make it last longer. I wore this manicure for my first fashion week show as I think it looks very fashion forward!

Born Pretty Store offer a wide range of colours to choose from and each pot retails for $3.99. Remember you can knock 10% off the price with my code EBABK31. I think these would also look great mixed with some clear lip gloss to create stunning new lip colours as well as other nail art looks :)

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What I Wore to MFWA 2016 Day 7

For the last day of MFWA, I went for a somewhat colourful outfit. I paired this flowery Zara top with this green leather skirt and beige sleeveless jacket which is really what the whole outfit was built around. I really like how it turned out even though the wind kept blowing at it and we couldn't get a perfect picture. I would like to thank photographer Neil Psaila for the outfit shots :)

Sleeveless jacket, River Island | Top, Zara | Faux leather skirt, Orsay
Leather clutch, Topshop | Sunglasses, River Island | Shoes, Nine West
Bangle, Mango | Watch, Michael Kors at Sunlab

MFWA 2016 | Nilara presents Insomnia

The Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week ctwalk shows came to an end with the Nilara brand collection named Insomnia. From the capable hands of designer Nilay Camilleri Topal, I didn't expect anything short of spectacular and I must say I was really impressed with the very edgy collection she designed this year! Leather in different colours paired with lace detailing is what made this collection a truly daring one for the woman that wants to stand out.

The collections aims to bring forward a woman's sensuality and inner strength through challenging the traditional form of the evening gown. Insomnia really does represent what a woman would wear in her wildest dreams! Well done Nilay!

Photos by Neil Psaila Photography

MFWA 2016 | Milica Trickovic presents Hunter

Serbian fashion designer Milica Trickovic showcased her Hunter collection last Friday. The collection revolves around the hunting instinct and hunger of a woman for eternal glamour. Every number in this collection accentuates the female form while still maintaining a high level of elegance.  I think this was probably my favourite show from the night as the absolute majority of the clothes are right up my alley. Here are my favourite pieces from this collection:

Photos by Neil Psaila Photography

MFWA 2016 | Gagliardi

The Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week came to an end yesterday with the Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards - congrats to all winners! But I still have to share with you the splendid collections from Gagliardi, Milica Trickovic and Nilara which were paraded on the catwalks last Friday so here goes the first post after a weekend of catching up with my better half.

As the title of this post says, I am going to be sharing with you some pieces from Gagliardi's latest collection which is inspired by sailing and baroque Malta. Gagliardi, a brand nowadays synonymous with the timeless appeal of Savile Row with a hint of Maltese flair never fails to impress me. Exceptional Italian tailoring are palpable all throughout Gagliardi's garments and I can attest to that as it is not my first time shopping the brand for myself and my better half who claims their shirts are probably the best he has ever worn.

I really had a tough time deciding which looks to include in this post (and yes the gorgeous models made it even more difficult). From their perfectly tailored suits and evening wear to the more casual looks, there really is something for every Gagliardi man.

What I Wore to MFWA 2016 Day 6

As you could gather from the posts before this, yesterday, I was time for Ritienne Zammit to wow us all over again with her new collection. I think it's nice to wear something from the designer if you own pieces from their past collections and yesterday I did just that - I wore my crop top from Ritienne's L-Omm li taghtna Isimha collection from last year. Enjoy the pictures, taken patiently by Jonathan Brincat :)

Leather jacket, River Island | Crop top, Ritienne Zammit |Trousers, Stradivrius
Clutch bag, Peacocks | Shoes, Dorothy Perkins
Earrings, Sif Jakobs at 202 Jewellery | Bracelet, Calvin Klein | Watch, DKNY

MFWA 2016 | Desiree

One of the most interesting exhibitions at this year's edition of the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week is the one by Desiree and her art on shoes. Desiree is an acclaimed interior designer by profession and she has now taken her passion for creating something beautiful and out of the ordinary to shoes.

If you want to stand out in a good way, I suggest you reach out to Desiree and let her modify your shoes for an extra special touch!

photos by Goro Photography

MFWA 2016 | Saz Mifsud presents Pollen's Poetry

Saz Mifsud's latest collection of printed silk scarves is currently on show at Fort St. Angelo and is one of three exhibitions taking place all throughout the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week. The exhibition launched last Sunday but I wanted to visit it again quietly to have a closer look at what Saz has to offer this time round.

Her collection is called Pollen's Poetry and it comprises beautiful pieces of artwork on silk that portray the frality and ephemerality of flowers. The scarves are created through the artist's idiosynchratic combination of her own photographs coupled with digital manipulation. The final designs are then digitally printed onto different types of silk to create truly unique fashion works of art! Check them out below, or better yet, visit the exhibition yourselves while there is still time!

photos by Ivan Borg

photos by Mark Soler
photos by Neil Psaila Photography
All photos belong to the respective photographers

MFWA 2016 | Lilly Mae presents Elena Miro, Basler and Marina Rinaldi

The last show for the night on Day 6 of the Malta Fashion Week and Fashion Awards saw three designer brands Elena Miro, Balser and Marina Rinaldi present their collections of elegant and casual wear designed for more voluptuous figures. All three brands are housed at Lilly Mae in Sliema, a shop I had the pleasure of visiting before during another event.
The Elena Miro brand is the perfect depiction of classic Italian sophistication with a neutral colour palette for items that are timelessly stylish. Then we have Basler, a German brand catering for a younger generation with flirty, cutting edge designs for the curvy girl. Lastly, we have Marina Rinaldi, synonymous with high quality tailoring and opulent fabrics for women with more voluptuous silhouettes.

All photos by Neil Psaila Photography

MFWA 2016 | Ritienne Zammit presents Je Suis

One of the most anticipated shows during the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion is undoubtedly Ritienne Zammit. Known for her distinct take on fashion and incorporating political and current matters as well as elements of Maltese culture into her collections, Ritienne has established herself as one of Malta's designers catering for those that want that something edgy and different.

I always enjoy Ritianne's collections as it is clear that they are always well researched and she clearly puts a lot of effort into whatever she comes up with. In fact, I loved last year's collection so much that I ended up buying a crop top form it (which of course I wore to yesterday's show). This year's collection, Je Suis is no exception. As soon as I learnt the name of the collection, a number of issues that could be translated into fashion have crossed my mind but I wanted to keep all doors open and let Ritienne surprise me. And most certainly, surprise me she did!

The collection revolves around addictions and obsessions to sympathize with individuals with such conditions. The show set-up was somewhat dark as is the theme and fabrics used, with famous paintings such as the likes of Caravaggio printed on them as well as dollar signs and images portraying sexual imagery to create a collection that embodies man's most common addictions and obsessions. It is high time that someone starts to address these issues, bravissima Ritienne!

All photos by Neil Psaila Photography