MFWA 2016 | Saz Mifsud presents Pollen's Poetry

Saz Mifsud's latest collection of printed silk scarves is currently on show at Fort St. Angelo and is one of three exhibitions taking place all throughout the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week. The exhibition launched last Sunday but I wanted to visit it again quietly to have a closer look at what Saz has to offer this time round.

Her collection is called Pollen's Poetry and it comprises beautiful pieces of artwork on silk that portray the frality and ephemerality of flowers. The scarves are created through the artist's idiosynchratic combination of her own photographs coupled with digital manipulation. The final designs are then digitally printed onto different types of silk to create truly unique fashion works of art! Check them out below, or better yet, visit the exhibition yourselves while there is still time!

photos by Ivan Borg

photos by Mark Soler
photos by Neil Psaila Photography
All photos belong to the respective photographers

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