KIKO Milano Wanderlust Limited Edition Summer 2016

KIKO Milano have once again launched a super luxurious looking collection of limited edition products for summer - the Wanderlust collection. As soon as the email dropped in my inbox to notify me of this new collection, I found myself browsing the products and adding some of them to my cart. I really restrained myself not to buy everything and I only got three products out of the whole range.

picture from KIKO Milano website

As the name implies, the collection is inspired by the passion for travel, which seems to be more fuelled during the summer months. The design of the packaging was left in the capable hands of designer Ross Lovegrove, who is very well known for his futuristic work - and in fact, the products look out of this world beautiful.

The collection consists of a vast array of products ranging from DD Creams to baked blushers and bronzers, lip products to perfumes to name a few. I got a Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer in the shade 200 Warm Melange, a Heatwave Lip Oil in 01 Coconut and a Mirage Lip Stylo in 01 Canyon Rose.

All of the products have rose gold packaging which is precisely what lured me in to buy them in the first place and they all have a textured hexagonal design on them. The boxes reflect the same embossed hexagons design but are a glossy white colour and only have rose gold on the top flap. Now let's have a look at the individual products that I have.

Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer 200 Warm Melange - €22.90 for 20g of product, available in 2 shades

I am going to start with one of the star products in the Wanderlust collection - the Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer. I opted for shade 200 as I thought it will agree more with my skin tone. As I stated earlier, the packaging is exquisite and the bronzer also comes with a mirror on the inside of the case.

On opening, the bronzer has a nice, warm scent to it and the swirls in the baked product, really make it hard to use it and ruin the pattern. The bronzer has a silky matte finish and lasts for a good number of hours. I would describe the shade as a golden bronze and I find that the light coloured swirls balance out the bronze tones nicely. I think this would look better on me when I have a tan though.

Heatwave Lip Oil 01 Coconut - €10.90 for5.5ml of product, available in 3 flavours

Next I got the coconut scented lip oil which looks essentially like a lipgloss but has a more watery texture and lasts for less time on the lips. I got the Coconut one which is the smell that appeals to me the most out of the three available and it has summer written all over it. I find myself reaching for this product very often as it hydrates my lips and doesn't feel sticky at all. Even though it has a light orange tint, it goes on transparent on the lips and you can think of it as a transparent 'lip gloss'.

Mirage Lip Stylo 01 Canyon Rose - €11.90 for 3g of product, available in 16 colours

Lastly I have the Mirage Lip Stylo in the shade 01 Canyon Rose. This is probably my favourite product and it is the one I have used most to date. I really like the packaging with its magnetic closure and the slanting bullet makes for easy application. The shade I have is a kind of my-lips-but-better colour and I think it would work on almost every skin tone. I would describe it as a dusky rose hue. On me, this lasts for around 4 hours before I need to reapply, but I really don't mind taking this beauty out of my bag for touch-ups as it is such a work of art!

Overall, I really like this collection but if I'm being completely honest, I think the products are a little over priced (save for the lipsticks which I think are justly priced) so you might want to hold on to getting any of the products until they are on sale.

What do you think of this collection? Will you be getting anything from it?

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  1. €22.90 for the bronzer is a lot for an afforable brand like Kiko. It's so pretty though I'm sure it'll be sold out immediately