Brand Spotlight | 3ina

Last week, I had some free time and took the opportunity to visit the newly opened 3ina store in Qormi with my shopping partner in crime, Marija. For those who are not so familiar with the area, the shop is located right behind Pavi, next door to Kiabi and there are ample parking spaces available.

The store layout really made a good impression on me - all clean, white, bright and stands bursting with brightly coloured and more muted products alike - it is basically everything you would want a makeup store to look like. We had a thorough browse around the store and although there were a lot of products I wanted to buy, I resisted and bought only two items.

I would like to point out that the salesgirls there are very helpful and I was delighted to see that they are actually very knowledgeable about the brand. I asked if 3ina has been around for long and the salesgirl said that it is a relatively new brand with just a few stores in Italy, Germany, France and Australia and now Malta. For such a 'young' brand, I think it has very good potential from what I gathered from swatching the products at the store.

I look forward to visiting the store again soon!

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