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Chic at the Beach

Here is another outfit post from my weekend in Gozo last week. This post, like the outfit post before it, also features a bargain from the River Island online sale. This time, it comes in the form of this gorgeous kaftan which matches my River Island bikini perfectly. I love how comfortable the material of this kaftan is and being white cotton, I really don't feel hot in it. I usually pair it with denim shorts when I am hitting the beach alone but for this post, I just wore it over my bikini (seen a little bit in the first picture).

Bikini, Kaftan & Sunglasses, all River Island | Sandals, Red Herring at Debenhams

Cornelli Lace

The River Island online sale is one I try to never miss because there are always some very nice bargains over there such as this blue cornelli lace dress which I bought for only €24. I wore it last Saturday in Gozo for dinner with my better half and his family. I really do feel myself in pretty dresses such as this - the colour, the fit and the overall uniqueness of it!

Dress, River Island | Shoes, Asos | Clutch Bag, Diane von Furstenberg
Earrings, Sif Jakobs at 202 Jewellery | Ring, Spinning Jewellery at 202 Jewellery
Bracelet, Morellato at Sunlab

First Impressions | Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Mont Bleu, a company that specializes in the making of Czech glass nail files and other Swarovski embellished goods. Fast forward a few days, and a very exciting package made its way to my doorstep all the way from the beautiful city of Prague.

In this post I shall be showing you everything that they sent me and first impressions on the traditional glass nail files, while I shall be showcasing the other products in more detail in separate posts.

First of all, I cannot not command the way everything was packed to ensure nothing got broken during transit. I was really impressed with how everything was wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap and placed into two smaller boxes which fit in a larger box. Plus, I really liked the Prague postcard which greeted me upon opening the parcel! I thought it added a nice touch!

So, here is a look at what the company sent me:

Hand-painted glass nail file (€6) - beautiful, intricate flower design in purple, gold and white
Libra Zodiac sign glass nail file (€10) - adorned with a silver zodiac sign and two clear Swarovski crystals

Set of 2 glass nail files with pink Swarovski crystals (€15) - standard size and mini glass nail files set

Purple glass cuticle pusher (€5.49) - dual ended glass cuticle pusher

Cyan callus remover (€16) - glass foot file

After a lot of deliberation on which nail file to use first, I settled on the hand-painted one because it looks so pretty! I have to point out that the glass on these nail files is of better quality than others I have tried in the past which I bought from a souvenir shop. I also like the fact that each individual piece comes with its own pocket. The nail files have a velvet pocket while the foot file and cuticle pusher have a plastic sleeve. I was really careful not to ruin the hand-painted design while filing my nails though to keep the nail file as pristine as possible. I like to use glass nail files on my nails for they seem to help prevent splitting of the nails.

Here are some more close-up shots of the other nail files which I'm sure perform really well as the one I am currently using. Also, the embellishments feel they as if they are there to stay so I don't think you will have any problems with gems falling out with time and use.

So far I am really enjoying using the Mont Bleu glass nail files and there are loads of designs to choose from too! If you feel like getting something from their e-shop, don't forget to type the code BLOG for a 20% discount. You can also buy Mont Bleu products from their Amazon store page

Have you ever used glass nail files? Watch out for my review of the foot file soon!

PR Samples

Beach Bag Essentials

Hey all, I hope you're all enjoying your summer to the full whilst taking care of your skin with the right products. In this post, I wanted to share with you my essentials for a day at the beach.

First off, I would like to show you this cute transparent bag that was given to me during an event and I find the size of it to be perfect for travel purposes and days at the beach etc. as it holds all my bits and bobs in one place.

Now let's have a look at the actual contents, starting with, of course, sun block. I carry three with me, the reason being that on my face I use one with SPF50 (and the boyfriend likes to use the LRP one because of it's dry touch finish) and on my body I use another one which helps me tan faster. My current choices are Eau Thermale Avene SPF50 Cream, La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Dry Touch Cream and Lierac Sunific 2 Iridescent Milk Mist. A mirror is of course a must as well.

Sometimes, you just need to refresh your skin on the go and I always make sure to keep a bottle of thermal water handy. Right now I am using Vichy Eau Thermale which is paraben free and is suitable for sensitive skin. Of course I also like to keep my lips protected and for that I use Nivea Pure & Natural Milk & Honey lip balm to keep my lips smooth and moisturised.

To keep me smelling good all day long, I always make sure to pack this travel-sized Fa deodorant which has a floral scent that's not overpowering and won't make everyone avoid you because you're giving them a hayfever attack ;)

Since I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to hygiene, I always carry a hand sanitizer with me so currently I am using this one by Primark.

Lastly, I make sure to pack a wide-toothed comb, some bobby pins and hair ties with me so I can keep my hair in check and off my face ;)

What do you carry with you to the beach?

Review | Pupa Milano Super After Sun Cream

Come summer, we get to see a lot adverts for sun blocks and sun protection products, and rightly so; but what about taking care of our skin after exposure to the sun? Today I want to show you my latest discovery in this department - the Pupa Milano Super After Sun Cream.

What makes this after sun different from others I have used in the past is that I can use this in the shower on clean, wet skin for a more rapid absorbtion. Moreover, it contains Sun Optimizer as its active ingredient which helps prolong your tan - something my paler than pale skin craves.

I have found this to be extremely useful after a full day at sea when all I want to do when I get home is shower and sleep. Thus, all I have to do is shower and slather on Pupa Milano After Sun Cream while my skin is still wet. And if my hair and face are in need of a moisturising treat, this product can be applied to them as well; though I do recommend you rinse your hair after leaving the product for a couple of minutes.

I really look forward to using this product following sun exposure when my skin is craving that minty fresh feeling of something soothing and emollient and I cannot recommend the product enough! Pupa Milano Multifunction Super After Sun Cream comes in a maxi size 300ml tube and retails for €16.30 from authorised pharmacies and outlets.

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Sport Luxe

Last Friday, my boyfriend's birthday weekend kick-started with an afternoon of pure indulgence at Mdina, our old capital city and it's famous Fontanella Tea Garden, and being August, the heat always gets the better of us here on this tiny island. Thus, a comfortable outfit was the order of the day. However, I always want something with a feminine edge in my outfit choices, so these new Asos flats made their official debut. Blue and white is probably my favourite colour combination especially during summer and roughly 70% of summer wardrobe consists of these two colours!

Top, River Island | Shorts, Mango
Bag, Michael Kors | Watch, Michael Kors at Sunlab
Sunglasses, Marks & Spencer | Flats, Asos