Review | Mont Bleu Foot Scraper File

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Mont Bleu glass nail files and they are pretty much everything I use to keep my nails flawlessly in shape. Today, I will showcase another product I was sent by the company, the Foot Scraper File.

I was sent the Cyan Blue coloured foot file and I was pleased to see it came with it's own plastic sleeve. Moreover, you would be happy to know that these Czech tempered glass files come with a lifetime guarantee on abrasive surface.

The difference between a traditional nail file and a foot file is immediately noticeable - the latter is much thicker and harsher to enable it to file away the hard skin we usually get on our feet, especially the heels.

I have been using this foot file consistently for the past few weeks and I can attest that I have seen a dramatic improvement in the way the skin on my heels looks and feels. It took a few uses to really get rid of the harder layers of skin but I guarantee it is worth the effort! I prefer to use it dry rather than wet as I can see exactly where I'm missing.

I like how the skin on my feet has improved over time and for just €16, I personally think they are money well spent.

Mont Bleu glass files can also be found on Amazon.

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