Event | Eau Thermale Avène & Lierac Paris New Launches

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers' event which introduced us to some new product ranges from top French skin care brands Lierac Paris and Eau Thermale Avène, neither of which is new to this blog.

We had mini presentations about the brands delivered over sushi and strawberry prosecco and we also had the opportunity to sample the products as we talked about them. For more in-depth information, you can check out my posts about the respective brands here and here.

Lierac Paris is a high end skin care brand targeted at those who only want the best for their skin. The brand has various product ranges with specific skin 'aging problems' being targeted at all levels and for all ages. Yesterday, the main focus was on the Hydregenist line which will be replacing the Hydrachrono range. The Hydragenist range consists of two moisturisers (one for combination skin and one for dry skin) as well as a serum. This comprehensive range of products is inspired by tissue oxygenation and hence, the role of oxygen in relation to how plumped and fresh our skin looks.

We were also introduced to some new products from Lierac's top range, the Premium line which contains extracts of the rare black orchid, black poppy and black rose. The packaging with this range is as exquisite as the products themselves. Lierac also have more specific ranges, my favourite out of which has to be the Diopti range which consists of 5 different products that target different problems within the eye area such as puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, etc.

Moving on to Eau Thermale Avène, this is a more medical brand so to speak, where all products are infused with thermal water from Avène, a small village in France and the products are packaged in a sterile atmosphere. Avène's product range has everything from cleansers to anti-wrinkle treatments and cater for the most sensitive of skins.

I'm very looking forward to try out the new products that were kindly given to me at the event. Look out for the reviews which will have a little surprise at the end ;)

To find out more about the brands and their respective products, kindly like their Facebook pages here and here.

Eau Thermale Avène and Lierac Paris are imported by Pharma.MT Ltd.

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