Review | Sleek MakeUP Goodnight Sweetheart Limited Edition Palette

Sleek cosmetics have once again released some limited edition i-Divine palettes for us to drool over. The one that caught my eyes and the one that I ultimately ended up buying is the Goodnight Sweetheart palette which features a mix of shimmery and matte shades in warm, Autumnal hues.

The packaging of limited edition i-Divine palettes always disappoints me a little inside because apart from the outer box, which not everyone keeps, there is nothing to distinguish this palette from other Sleek i-Divines, which is honestly something I look for in a limited edition product. Having said that, I appreciate how well the palette is made and it's tight closure and practical design.

The 12 mineral-based eyeshadows, on the other hand, tell a different story - I really love looking at the rich hues in this palette for they really do remind me of warm, pink sunsets. I am really pleased with the selection of unique shades in this palette, all of which are very richly pigmented as is demonstrated in the swatches below (no primer was used).

Seduction - satin mauve with taupe undertones and a shimmery finish
Velvet Wrap - shimmery plum
Romance - matte plum
Lingerie - shimmery light peach with golden undertones

Dusk - shimmery dark plum-brown
L.O.V.E - shimmery dusty rose
By The Fireside - darker old rose than L.O.V.E with a satin finish
Hold Me Tight - matte dark brown

Sweet Dreams - the shimmery sister of Hold Me Tight
Love Is In The Air - shimmery dark purple
Snuggle - blue/green - brown duochrome
Sleeping Beauty - taupe with subtle silver reflects

My favourite shades are definitely the last four along with Velvet Wrap, L.O.V.E and By The Fireside. I think this is by far my favourite Sleek palette and it's probably the one palette I will be using most this Autumn and others to come.
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