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When one thinks of Kir Royal, what comes to mind is a simple cocktail with the refined taste of champagne. For me, the name has now taken another meaning - when I think of Kir Royal, what comes to mind is an exclusive men's clothes shop in the very heart of Valletta, right on St. Paul's Street.

I gladly made my way to KIR ROYAL last Thursday morning where I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Ludwig and we spent a couple of hours chatting away about fashion of course! I asked Ludwig what drove him to open a men's shop and without hesitating he answered that fashion is his main interest apart from his EU-related work, so while he is back in Malta on sabbatical, he decided that opening this shop was the way to go forward. He also stated that he wanted something exclusive; something that would give shoppers an experience rather than just rushing in the shop get what they need and rush back out again.

As for choice of place, Ludwig states that each time he walked down St. Paul Street, he always saw this abandoned place and it was only natural that once he made plans to open the shop he would choose that particular place. I must say he did a very good job at renovating it and now it houses an exquisite collection of formal and some more casual male attire.

What struck me the most in KIR ROYAL's little setting, is the way Ludwig manages to exude exclusivity even in the way he displays his stock - the feel of antique with a modern, fresh touch from the décor of the shop to the garments themselves really makes you want to return over and over again.

At KIR ROYAL one finds everything a refined man could ever need - from suit jackets to shirts, pocket squares, collar stays, shoes and even skin care. It is important to note that stock is limited to maintain exclusivity and one can also find that perfect little something for the dapper man in their lives. Ludwig personally curates the stock at KIR ROYAL and imports garments mainly from Italy as well as USA and Ukraine. In stock are also some high end skin care products for men.

I urge you to pay KIR ROYAL a visit the next time you are in Valletta and who knows, maybe you can start your Christmas shopping there! It may not be on the busiest street but to me, that further contributes to making your experience there worth while!

KIR ROYAL is also on Facebook. Alternatively, you can have a look at their website for more information about their Image Consultancy Service.

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