LVL Lash Treatment at Nouveau Lashes Malta

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to try the LVL Lash Treatment which is done locally at Nouveau Lashes Malta in Santa Venera. I was curious about this treatment from the get-go as it promised a mascara-look on my natural lashes. Curious to find out what it's about yourselves? Just keep on reading!

First things first, Bojana from Nouveau Lashes explained with a contagious smile, that a patch test needed to be done before the actual appointment to make sure I wasn't allergic to any of the products used during the treatment. I scheduled this appointment for last Friday which lasted around 15 minutes, during which Bojana briefly explained the procedure and what the treatment actually is before proceeding to the actual patch test. I learned that it is basically a keratin (the same protein all our hairs and nails are made out of) treatment for your lashes to boost them and make them look longer and more volumised - practically a mascara look that lasts 2 months or more depending on how much you take care of your lashes following treatment.

Products used for patch test prior to treatment

For the patch test, a generous drop of each of the Bonding agent, Lifting Balm, Volumising Fix and Moisturising Serum was applied on a plaster which was in turn applied to my upper arm. I was asked to leave it on for 24 hours and if I experienced any itching, redness or rash, I was to advise the salon. I managed to keep the plaster for a little longer than 24 hours and luckily, it turns out I am not allergic to any of the substances so we could go on with my treatment, yayy!

I had my treatment appointment yesterday at the Nouveau Lashes Malta salon in Santa Venera. Since I was a little early we had some time to take some pictures of my lashes before treatment. Following this, I was greeted with another equally joyful smile from Erica, my lash technician for the day, who guided me to the treatment room.

The room is very spacious and welcoming - soothing music a comfy couch and a squeaky clean environment! Erica took her time in explaining every step of the way as we went along with the treatment which lasted a little over an hour. Here's an overview of the steps taken during treatment:

1. To start off, Erica applied a gel patch under my lower lashes on both eyes to get them out of the way since the treatment is carried on with the client's eyes closed. The treatment is carried on bare lashes so make sure to not wear mascara to your appointment.

2. Next, a shield was applied onto my eyelid against which the upper lashes are curled with the Bonding Agent.

3. Subsequently, the Lifting Balm was applied to my upper lashes (this smells very similar to the keratin hair treatment) and it was left to act for 12 minutes. I almost fell asleep during this time - the only thing that had me fight off drifting into a deep sleep was the fact that I had to keep alert to know what was going on for the sake of this post.

An overview of LVL Lash Treatment procedure - picture courtesy of Nouveau Lashes

4. Next it was time for the Volumising Fix to work it's magic and this takes 6 minutes which were followed by another 6 minutes with the lash tint.

5. Finally, my lashes were treated to a Moisturising Serum and combed to perfection in an upward motion before the shields were carefully taken off.

When I finally got to see the end result, I was overwhelmed with how good my lashes looked! I didn't feel any pain or experience discomfort and almost slept throughout the treatment session - definitely worth it! See the results for yourselves in the pictures below:

I was instructed to avoid wetting or washing my lashes for 24 hours until they were completely dry from the Moisturising Serum and I was also asked to sleep on my back to avoid altering the curl during my sleep.

As for after care, Nouveau Lashes suggest an appropriate serum which can be applied to the lashes every night to help condition them and make the treatment last longer. I was given a comb at the end of the treatment to use every night to help maintain the shape of the lashes. Lastly, mascara is optional though don't really need to use any following the treatment!

The tools used during LVL Lash Treatment

LVL Lash Treatment costs €55 and will last your for two months or even longer if you take good care of your lashes and it done at Nouveau Lashes salon in Santa Venera. The salon also offers professional training in the technique for aspiring lash technicians. For more information, get in touch on their Facebook page.

The LVL Lash Treatment was offered to me free of charge. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by Nouveau Lashes Malta.

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