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Having oily skin has it's perks - it won't wrinkle until later stages in life (at least I hope this is true!). Taking proper care of my skin has it's perks too as my skin stays younger-looking for longer and I know it is taken care of even at the deeper layers. With my skin type, which also classifies as sensitive, I can't afford to use less than optimal brands to clean and care for my skin.

I had been looking for a good cleanser that doesn't dry my skin out and luckily, Eau Thermale Avène
Mousse Nettoyante Cleansing Foam made it's way into my skin care routine at just the right time! I wanted a cleanser that is gentle enough yet thoroughly cleansing and that lathers up well.

Eau Thermale Avène Mousse Nettoyante Cleansing Foam is just that and more! Let's have a look at the packaging first. The product is supplied in a 150ml container with a pump dispenser. Worthy to note is the tight closing cap and the clean, white packaging. Like all other Eau Thermale Avène products, this cleanser is supplied in a matching box.

As the name suggests, the actual product is a white, very light mousse, of which one pump is enough for me and it lathers up nicely. It is indicated for shiny forehead, nose and chin areas, dull complexion and dilated pores and is targeted towards normal to combination sensitive skin types. Out of these, I only get shine in my t-zone and as I said earlier, my skin falls into the combination sensitive category. 

I have switched to completely using this cleanser both morning and evening and my skin has started to improve; both in terms of sebum production and how bright my complexion looks. I always make sure to use a good moisturiser after using this cleanser though as it still dries out my skin just a bit. Moreover, I have also noticed that my skin doesn't have any red patches after I wash my face with this cleanser. The cleansing foam is great because it removes makeup, impurities and of course excess sebum. The formula is gentle, soap-free and astringent based to tighten pores; contains patented glutamic acid to regulate sebum production and thanks to its Avène Thermal Spring Water content, it is soothing and anti-irritating. The latter ingredient is found in all Eau Thermale Avène products, hence making them ideal for sensitive skins.

I would definitely recommend this cleanser to anyone with my skin type as results can be seen within a few days of use!

Eau Thermale Avène is distributed in Malta by PharmaMT. Like their Facebook page to stay updated!

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