The Best Of Me with CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics | Spider Veins Laser Treatment {Review & Second Treatment Session}

To catch up where we left in my journey to have a spider vein removed at CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics, yesterday was time for my review appointment following my first treatment session

I have been monitoring the treated area and taking pictures every week to document to whole healing process and be able to share it with you, but you know, a professional doctor's word gives you more peace of mind. Needless to say I was curious to see what Dr. Bonello had to say about how the vein healed during the past six weeks and what she would suggest next.

Fast forward to 11 o'clock and I was in the treatment room learning that many areas of the vein were completely gone and I probably only required another treatment session, which of course we did. Just to give you an idea of how effective the treatment was, during the first treatment session, 79 laser pulses were needed while for this second treatment session, only 28 were needed; That's less than half the pulses needed the first time!  

Here is how the vein looked over the past six weeks following the first treatment:

Of course, immediately after treatment, swelling was visible and certain parts of the vein were a little darker on the day following the first treatment. After a week, the darker parts were almost gone and by the second and third week, the vein was only slightly visible. For the last two weeks, the vein continued to fade away but of course parts of it were still visible and required further treatment.

Following yesterday's treatment session, this is how the vein looked immediately after treatment:

I will be going in for another review session in 6 weeks' time so be sure to stay tuned for a follow up post!

All opinions and experiences are my own and are in no way influenced by CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics.

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