Dining at Armani Nobu Milano

Those who know me well know that I am not much a foodie in the sense that food is not usually the highlight of my day or a night out. However, when me and my better half plan on going out to eat, we always make sure to eat at some of the best places, and our weekend getaway in Milan was not to be an exception. I was more than excited to source out three of Milan's best eateries (one for each night we were staying there) for the perfect culinary experience.

In fact, while planning our trip, my boyfriend quickly pointed out that it's not everyday that I get too excited about food but I guess I did a good job with all three places we ate at. The place I was excited most about is without a doubt Armani Nobu Milano. Asian cuisine is easily a favourite with us so this experience was definitely a must.

We saved it for our last night which was a Sunday night. The restaurant is very easy to get to as from where we were staying (Best Western Hotel Mozart in Piazza Gerusalemme), we just had to cross the road to reach underground line 5 (lilac) from Gerusalemme station, make an interchange to the yellow line 3 from Zara station and stop at Montenapoleone station. The restaurant is located literally around the corner from the station within the Emporio Armani Store, overlooking the sophisticated neighbourhood of Via Pisoni 1.

We took a risk and went there without making a reservation and I have to admit that we were extremely lucky for them to have a place for us at the sushi bar upstairs. The moral of the story is to pre-book your table if you plan to dine here.

The receptionist greeted us upon our arrival and arranged for us to have a place at the sushi bar. The restaurant is tastefully decorated in warm hues of brown, orange and beige which provides a the feel of a Japanese house with a touch of Armani sophistication. The sleek, minimal design is one of the things which won me over as soon as I came across the restaurant website while carrying out my research and I have to admit, it didn't let me down. The dim lighting provides a very intimate atmosphere even if you're a big group. As soon as we made our way upstairs, the sushi bar chefs greeted us in Japanese and the maître d'hôtel invited us to our bar stools.

We were spoilt for choice with all the Asian food available on the menu. We ordered some water which was served in an Armani branded bottle while we settled on our first choice - my boyfriend had New Style Tuna (top) while I opted for a delicious Avocado Tartare (bottom). The tuna tasted very much like a tuna carpaccio but with a vinegary sort of taste. On the other hand, the avocado tartare was a fusion of fresh and spicy.

Next we settled for the Sushi Selection (left) which consisted of a delectable mix of nigiri, maki and salmon roe (caviar) prepared with the freshest of ingredients right in front of our eyes in the live-cooking sushi bar. Here I would like to point out the impeccable way each dish is presented. Following this we went for more salmon sushi rolls (right).

Lastly, dessert. Even though it may sound exaggerated, (I really am not) - this has got to be the best tasting dessert I have ever had! I opted for a Japanese Bento Box which comes with a deliciously soft-on-the-outside-gooey-on-the-inside chocolate fondant, accompanied by a serving of the freshest green tea ice-cream and some forest fruits served in an actual Japanese bento box (or lunch box for us Westerners). The explosion of flavours was out of this world and the hot and cold temperatures are strangely very complementing! A decadent and delicious combination I cannot recommend enough! On the other hand, my boyfriend opted for a ginger pannacotta topped with coffee ice-cream and sesame seeds which was equally delicious...and coming from a non-coffee lover that says a lot!

Of course, this is a fine-dining restaurant so the experience comes with a price tag to match. Having said that, all prices are available on the online menu and we knew what were going for. I highly recommend visiting Armani Nobu if you happen to be in Milan for it offers an unparallelled dining experience as soon as you put your first step through the door.

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