MANOLO BLAHNÍK THE ART OF SHOES | An Exhibition at Palazzo Morando, Milan

Hello my lovelies, last Monday I landed back in Malta after an amazing weekend getaway in the charming city of Milan, Italy. I must admit I fell in love with the Italian fashion capital - from the food to people watching and sight seeing and the designer shop windows, this city has it all! 

On our second day which we dedicated to sightseeing, upon leaving the beautiful church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (which also houses Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper), I spotted a poster advertising an exhibition by Manolo Blahnik. Being the shoe fanatic that I am, I checked the dates and place where the exhibition was being held and...bam! It had only opened two days before! I immediately turned a pair of puppy eyes toward my boyfriend who, with a hint of irritation in his voice, said yes to visiting it (I said many times that I have the best one and I still stand by it)! 

In this post I wanted to share with you snippets from the exhibition displaying 212 shoes and 80 drawings covering 45 years of Mr. Blahník's work. The exhibition is housed at Palazzo Morando, a very antique, artistic palace located right in the heart of the Quadrilatero della Moda (fashion district in Milan). Of course, many would agree with me that there couldn't be a more appropriate place to house such a prestigious exhibition from one of fashion's iconic coutouriers! 

The entrance to Palazzo Morando

Mr. Manolo Blahník

Manolo Blahník's works vary shoes that were inspired from his travels and nature to other more opulent collections and the more wearable styles. Unarguably, they are all the embodiment of artistic style, exploring different colours, fabrics and textures which have now become cult objects. Here are a few of my favourites:

As I stated before, 80 shoe drawings are also being exhibited. Mr. Blahník inherited his talent for drawing from his mother. One thing to note is that he never uses a computer to draw but he trusts his own hands and eyes to execute the masterpieces. Here is a selection of such drawings.

Of course, I am not including all of the exhibits in this post, otherwise it would take forever to read. Just in case you're in Milan anytime soon, the exhibition is open till the 9th of April 2017 and it is advisable to book in advance as queues are very long. Here is all the information regarding opening times and ticket prices.

I highly recommend this exhibition to lovers of fashion, beauty and art (my boyfriend spent the most part of the time at the exhibition gazing at the richly painted ceilings and lush crystal chandeliers dangling from them).  Finally, I would of course recommend you get the accompanying book which costs €38 from the palace bookshop as a memento of your visit :)

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