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My skin was in desperate need for a facial so I opted to treat my skin to a Medik8 facial at CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics last Friday.

I met Jessica, the beautician which was to take care of my skin for the next 45 minutes and after asking me about any skin concerns I might have, I was invited to the couch so she can begin my treatment. I was provided with two plush towels to cover myself with and Medik8 poreCleanse Gel™ was first applied to my skin so that my skin could subsequently be thoroughly analyzed. The poreCleanse Gel cleanses the skin while providing anti-ageing benefits, with both AHA and BHA acids. It contains L-Mandelic Acid, which has been shown to offer similar exfoliation properties to glycolic acid, but without the same level of stinging. In fact, my skin proved quite tolerant to this cleanser as I didn't experience any burning sensations. Furthermore, the cleanser prepares the skin for subsequent product through deeply cleaning the pores.

The CHIC facial treatment room

Following this, JessicaMedik8 Beta Facial. Here is the description of the chosen facial from the CHIC website:
recommended the

Recommended for oily, congested and acneic skin types

Intensive anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment utilizing the benefits of the earth’s natural purifying and healing matter – Kaolin and Bentonite as well as a fine ground natural bamboo scrub. This treatment is designed to normalize oil production, alleviate inflammation and reduce irritation whilst improving the skins hydration, texture and tone.

Next, the Medik8 Bamboo Micro Polish face scrub was applied to reveal a brighter complexion, followed by a toner to prepare the skin for blackhead extraction. I was relieved that the procedure was not painful bar from the areas near to my nose. I also had a few whiteheads which were carefully and painlessly removed by a very fine needle.

Subsequently, it was time for the Medik8 clayMask™ to be applied to my now squeaky clean face. The Medik8 clayMask™ is rich in natural clays to draw out impurities and to absorb excess oil, and help prevent pore clogging. It is also enriched with Allantoin and Vitamin E which are known to aid in soothing the skin. The mask was left on my face for a few minutes and when the time was up, the mask was removed with lukewarm water and a pleasant facial and shoulder massage ensued. Lastly, the Medik8 Hydr8 Post-Treatment™ was applied to finish off my facial experience.

One thing which CHIC do differently is that the beautician even asks to take care of your eyebrows and upper lip if need be. I skipped both treatments as I had already had my brows thread and I treat my upper lip with laser hair removal (also at CHIC).

Medik8 products used for the various facials offered at CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics

Before I left the premises, I was given a few product samples to try out as well so I shall be sure to let you know how that goes. 

I waited for a few days to publish this review just to see how my skin would react to the treatment and the products used. Well, I was happy to say this was another positive experience at CHIC as I didn't have any reactions and my skin looks really glowing. Also, I had a minor breakout which seems to be in check now and the redness around the pimples has subsided.

Apart from the Medik8 Beta Facial, CHIC offers various other Medik8 facials tailored to address different skin types and concerns. Also, with every treatment booked at CHIC, you always get 1 hour free parking at the airport car park. 

Do pay CHIC a visit and experience yourself a pampering and caring facial to reveal your best skin yet!

All opinions and experiences are my own and are in no way influenced by CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics. 

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