Gorgeous Eyes in a Blinc!

Remember my introductory post to Blinc Cosmetics? After having had the chance to review two mascaras and an eyeliner from the brand, this is what I have to say about them.

First off I am going to review the mascaras, both of which feature the innovative tube technology through which the mascara forms tiny, no-smudge, water resistant tubes around each of your lashes instead of painting them like a conventional mascara. At the event we were given a sample of the Mascara Amplified in Black and I also purchased the original Mascara in Dark Green.

The difference between the two is that the Mascara Amplified can be built up with several coats to achieve the desired length and volume of the lashes while the original Mascara only enables application of one coat. Also, the Amplified Mascara comes only in Black and Brown while the original Mascara comes in an array of 6 shades. Both mascaras come in a purple tube which I am guessing serves to representing the whole tubing mascara concept and I'm digging it!

Both formulas are smudge-proof, water resistant and sweat-proof. Another thing that distinguishes Blinc Mascaras from those of other brands, is that it only takes warm water and gentle pressure to take them off. In fact you can actually see the tubes on the cotton disc! This eliminates the use of eye makeup removers, thus making Blinc mascaras perfect for individuals with sensitive eyes.

I tried both mascaras on consecutive days to see how they compare and the only difference I could see was the way my lashes looked. As far as the Amplified Mascara goes, my lashes looked more voluminous with respect to when I used the original Mascara. Both mascaras lasted all throughout the day without smudging and they only came off when I gently rubbed my eyes in the shower late in the evening. As for the Dark Green Mascara, I really like the colour but it doesn't really show up unless you're up close. The final verdict on these mascaras is still a good one though! I highly recommend them if anything for their incredible staying power!

Blinc Amplified Mascara in Black

Blinc Mascara in Dark Green & Liquid Liner in Black

I was also given a sample of the liquid Eyeliner in Black. Now I have to come clean here and confess that I am rubbish totally incapable of applying liquid eyeliner without making a huge mess and end up looking like a panda. What I did was apply my usual gel liner on the lash line as a guide and then proceeded to apply the Blinc liquid liner over it and it helped make it last longer without budging. I am very impressed with the pigmentation and fluidity of the Blinc liner. It's extremely black and once it dries, it won't budge - unless it's peeled away!

So would I recommend Blinc products? I definitely would to anyone with a busy lifestyle but as far as volume is concerned, I have mascaras which volumize my lashes better so for a glam look I would opt for an alternative mascara and top with the Blinc ones for longer lasting makeup! Other than that, all three Blinc products have impressed me greatly with their staying power!

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Blinc Mascara Amplified and Eyeliner were given to me by Paloma Cosmetics Ltd. for consideration while I purchased the Dark Green Mascara with my own money.

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  1. Nice review .
    Love how the mascara applied