IMEDEEN Anti-Aging Oral Skin Care | An Update

Last March I was invited to the launch of a revolutionary skin care product, IMEDEEN which is basically an oral anti-aging skin care product which you can read more information about here

Following the initial skin care analysis, I was given a month's supply of IMEDEEN Derma One to try which is the best product for my skin as the ultrasound scan revealed I had very good collagen levels and skin density. After I finished my first box of IMEDEEN, I was curious to see if my skin was really improving from the inside as Pfizer, the manufacturers of IMEDEEN claim.

Well, I had another scan appointment last Wednesday morning with Alison, the IMEDEEN advisor from Vivian Corporation at Melita Health & Beauty in St. Julian's. The scan involves the same procedure as the first time were some gel was applied on my wrist and the ultrasound scanner was used to have a look at my skin from within.

The results from my first scan.
There are adequate collagen levels (brown) but moisture (blue) is lacking and the dermal barrier is crooked.

 The results from my second scan after just one month of using IMEDEEN Derma One.
Notice how the collagen and moisture levels have increased greatly and the dermal barrier has straightened

I was immediately surprised at how both the collagen levels in the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and the dermis (lower layer of the skin) as well as the moisture levels in my skin have improved over just the course of one month! When Alison retrieved the results of the first scan from her client database, we could further compare the differences and it is quite evident that IMEDEEN has really worked on improving my skin from within!

My skin density has gone up to 61 from 57 so it's still in the green area!

Apart from taking care of my skin from the inside, IMEDEEN has also helped with my skin appearing more plump and hydrated all over as even my legs are looking less dry these days. Another thing I like about IMEDEEN is that they are very convenient to travel with, instead of having to carry a ton of anti-aging creams which ultimately, only work on the surface layers of the skin.

I am now on my second box of IMEDEEN and look forward to having another scan in around two months' time to see if the collagen levels have gone further up!

IMEDEEN products available locally - book an appointment to see which one is right for you

Stay tuned for more updates!

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