MFWA 2017 | Day 2 | Goddesses and Rebels

The theme for Day 2 of the Malta Fashion Week  was goddesses and rebels with shows from the likes of Herminas Reea from Greece, Marco Parascandalo and Maria Cutajar. We also go to see some beautiful jewellery creations by Chris Castillo. Read on to see what each show was about!

Herminas Reea - The Gods

The first show was hands down my absolute favourite! Feminine dresses with exquisite beading and detailing that make the wearer look more like a goddess from the Greek mythology. In fact, the designer had an image of modern Gods in mind when she created the collection. The collection of Haute Couture dresses featured delicate lace, corsets and accents of pink and gold. Here are some of my favourite looks.

Lead makeup artist: Krista Zammit Marmara
Assistants: Richline Testa, Moises Urenas, Henry Galea, Moni Torok, Christabelle Lays
Lead Hairstylist: Mate Irsik
Assistants: Katia Stier, Adrian Attard
Photos: Neil Psaila

Castillo Contemporary Jewellery

Photos: Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani

Next, we were invited to see a contemporary jewellery exhibition by Chris Castillo. I instantly fell in love with his work. The designs really appealed to me with their clean, distinct lines that make the pieces unique from every angle. I had the opportunity to chat with Chris and I could easily see why his creations are so perfect - his passion for work really shines through!

His work is mostly inspired by local architecture and in fact, his latest collection is inspired by the Mosta Dome.

Parascandalo - Vanity Rebels

The most hyped show of the evening was definitely Marco Parascandalo's. From his very first collection at Malta Fashion Week to today, the Parascandalo brand has become cult favourite with people of all ages. And this time, he didn't disappoint either! Although the collection doesn't appeal to my personal style preferences, there were quite a few pieces which I liked and I'm happy to share them here with you today. 

The Vanity Rebels collection is inspired by the vanity of youth and pop culture and presented denim pieces with signature Parascandalo embroidery and patchwork, tracksuits and the brand staple, the t-shirt. All in a mix of textures and fabrics, this is Vanity Rebels!

Lead makeup artist: Gia Marie Waits
Assistants: John Azzopardi, Maia Bonello, Marie Claire Portelli, Aloisia Cutajar, Yanika Tatjana Bonello, Laura Gauci, Kevin Canter, Christelle Lays, Christina Moncoli
Lead hair stylist: Lee Grixti
Assistants: Katia Stier, Oriana Micallef, Sarah Azzopardi
Photos: Justin Ciappara

Maria Cutajar - Boho Goddess

The last collection for the night comes from Maria Cutajar and her Boho Goddess collection. Maria threw us off guard with her modern interpretation of the usually flowy boho dresses with leather skirts, floral accents and a diverse colour palette.

Lead Makeup artist: Mateja Camilleri
Assistants: Nicole, Tiziano Ronayne, Erika Fenech, Danika Aquilina
Lead Hairstylist: Adrian Attard
Assistants: Oriana Micallef, Mate Irsik, Katleen Scerri, Lee Grixti
Photos: Joseph Lungaro

Well done to all the participants for Day 2! Looking forward for what Day 3 has in store!
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