MFWA 2017 | My Experience

Another edition of the Malta Fashion Week and Awards has come and gone but this year, it was even bigger and better. Not just on an organisational level but also for me personally. This has been my fourth year attending the Malta Fashion Week. I am actually quite sad now that it's over and I feel somewhat hollow inside with no shows to prepare for and no party to look forward to with my favourite bloggers, designers and photographers.

Having fun with other bloggers and photographers
Clockwise from top, photos by: Justin Ciappara, Go Raw, mobile selfie, Ron Kerr Imagery

Left : Desiree | Centre : Nilara team | Right : Gaetano

Unashamedly, I admit our house is a bit of a mess and I don't know where I am going to start from to get everything back in order but I wouldn't have it any other way...I guess it's a sign of a very busy yet exceptional week.

To momentarily drive the blues away, I am sitting here at my desk just writing my thoughts on it all and I cannot start without mentioning the team behind it all. Kudos to Mr. Adrian J. Mizzi and his team for organizing yet another successful Fashion Week which is instrumental in cementing Malta's status as a fashion hub on an international level. Everyone makes sure all the shows run smoothly to the littlest of details which is after all what makes Malta Fashion Week such a high standard event. 

Speaking of improvements, I particularly prefer the way the seating was arranged in a staircase fashion, thus ensuring that even when we did not get a front row seat, we could still see the shows despite any human giraffes being seated in front of petite me. The presentation style fashion shows were a new concept introduced this year and I really appreciate the set-up for each and every one of them such as the deckchairs and lounge bar for the Carla Grima event and the wooden pallets for the models to stand on during Nathan Micallef's presentation. The only 'complaint' I have about these is that I think the setup could be improved to accommodate more people to see the shows better. But other than that, I think it is a concept worth exploring for future events.

However, for me, this year's edition was not just about the shows and preparing the outfits, it was also about getting to know other people better and I also got the chance to collaborate with some amazing people - namely the people behind TRESemme, one of the main sponsors of Malta Fashion Week, Virag Andersson from Virag Design which designs beautiful enamel and glass jewellery, Gaetano for truly making me feel like a princess on awards night with this gorgeous creation of a dress and Neil, my outfit photographer for the whole week. Thank you, thank you all so much! Now I look forward for more collaborations with other people to further share the talent we have in Malta on this blog.

With Virag Andersson and I am wearing one of her necklaces :)
Photo by Neil Psaila

This year I also got the chance to experience what goes on backstage and I feel the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes also deserve a mention and a huge well done on their amazing hair and makeup work. You can read all about my backstage experience here.

Well, I guess I have to conclude this post otherwise, I never stop writing and mentioning people. Congratulations to all the award winners and thank you to all the photographers for an unforgettable week of happy snaps :) Also, kudos to the models and their agencies who always pull through the whole week year after year!

I still have to upload a couple more pictures related to Malta Fashion Week so do stay tuned for them :)

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