Beautifull Volume with TRESemme

Having thin hair comes with a few bad points, for me, it is mostly a lack of volume. I have found an effective solution though and it comes in the form of three products from TRESemme's Beautifull Volume range.

We have heard it before - the amount of shampoo and conditioner you use can make or break a style. In fact, using too much can weigh down your hair. TRESemme has taken a whole new approach to avoid weighing the hair down and let me tell you, it is the best solution I have found for my hair type. They came up with this 3-step system which comprises a pre-wash conditioner, a shampoo, and a hair maximizer cream.

The groundbreaker here is that you apply the conditioner before you shampoo your hair clean! Usually, it's the other way round but with this system, the hair is then so clean, it will retain volume easily. I wash my hair every other day because it gets very oily very easily. I start with three pumps of the Pre-Wash Conditioner which I distribute evenly through my wet locks, leave on for a minute before rinsing and proceed to wash my hair with the Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo and again rinsing thoroughly.

I like to gently squeeze the excess water out of my hair before gently patting it with a towel. I then proceed to apply the Hair Maximizer cream, let my hair air dry a little more and then blow-dry it. The Hair Maximizer has this cool opening through which the product comes out - you just squeeze the centre of the tube and the right amount of product is dispensed!

My hair definitely looks more volumised and it stays as such until my next wash! This three-step system definitely gets two thumbs from me! What do you say to effortlessly volumized locks?

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