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Last Wednesday, I had the utmost pleasure to attend a chic collaboration between one of the best med-aesthetic clinics in Malta, People & Skin, and a local fashion house, Rosemarie Abela Fashion Studio. The event marks the launch of the new Juvéderm Volite rejuventation treatments at the clinic, a showcase of the AW17/18 collection from RM Abela and the unveiling of the painting Skin Diptych by the late Isabelle Borg.

What I wore to the event - Photo by Dyna YT
Top, Fashion Union at ASOS | Skirt, Zara | Shoes, Gianvito Rossi | Clutch, Diane von Furstenberg | Earrings, Yana's Jewellery

Of course the event kicked off with some prosecco and an address by Dr. Joanna Delia and Ms. Michelle Degiorgio from People & Skin before we saw a presentation about Juvéderm Volite fillers and how they can restore the skin's youthful appearance. Juvéderm Volite aims at restoring skin quality; i.e. texture, elasticity and colour. It is a minimally invasive injectable which delivers Hyaluronic Acid directly into the skin, combining with water in the skin to hydrate, improve elasticity and help remove fine lines. Hyaluronic Acid fillers are known to stimulate collagen production, thus improving skin quality. Juvéderm Volite requires only one treatment session and results are meant to last for up to 9 months. It can be used for the hands, face, neck and décolletage.

Dr. Joanna Delia (left) and Ms. Michelle Degiorgio addressing guests

Image courtesy of Allergan

Next, it was time to get a glimpse from the La Cupola collection by Rosemarie Abela. I had already seen the full collection way back in May during Fashion Week (you can read about it here) but since it was so rich and well executed, I absolutely didn't mind gushing over it again. I just love the re-interpretation of knitwear and the incorporation of different materials and fabrics to produce such a lush collection. Well done Rosemarie! Rosemarie has also designed the uniforms for People & Skin's staff which I have to say are the ultimate in class and sophistication as can be seen on Michelle in the photo above.

Then we moved on to see the unveiling of the painting Skin Diptych at the clinic's reception area by Dr. Joanna Delia. She confesses that the late local acclaimed modernist artist Isabelle Borg is one of her favourites and she couldn't not buy this painting and have it at the clinic as it ties in so well with the décor and concept of the clinic, plus, it is a nice tribute to such a prominent name in the local art scene. Isabelle Borg passed away seven years ago and the void she left in the local art scene is still very palpable. In fact, a retrospective exhibition of some of her most prominent works was set up last July at the Pop Up Gallery in Valletta. The curator of the exhibition, Marie Galea says that Skin Diptych is her favourite painting and describes it as a 'feminine, simple yet bold piece' in an interview on the Sunday Circle magazine (you can read all about the exhibition here on pages 45 & 46) - I couldn't agree more! The painting is an oil and mixed media on canvas and was painted in the year 2001.

Skin Diptych by Isabelle Borg

The late Isabelle Borg with her paiting 'Lovers on the Bull' (1983)
photo courtesy of Times of Malta

I think the event is another successful feat under the People & Skin's team belt and I look forward to returning to the clinic and have one of their treatments done. Watch this space!

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