Chin Up Mask & Pedicure at Roseberry

Everyone needs a little pampering every now and then so when me and my mum were invited to discover a new treatment mask and a pedicure at Roseberry in Valletta, we agreed to go.

We had the appointment fixed late in the afternoon which was perfect to unwind after a long day at Roseberry's Champagne Nail Bar while we got to experience a new cosmetic treatment - the Chin Up Mask. I looked up some information about Chin Up before we went in for the appointment and was a little sceptic that it gives instant results but nonetheless, I was still curious to see if it would work on us.

Chin Up masks available in 3 different pack sizes for home use + a professional sized pack

What is Chin Up?

Chin Up is marketed as the 30 minute non-surgical face lift and as the name implies, it claims to improve the appearance of double chin after just 30 minutes by lifting and firming the jawline for a more contoured look. It promises instant results, which addresses the end user's need for instant gratification from a product. Read on to learn more about our experience!

Following a through explanation of the treatment, Nataliya, started by measuring our jawline and chin. Mum's measurements were 17cm for the chin ight above the neck and 23cm for the jawline while mine were 16cm for the chin and 21cm for the jawline.

She then proceeded to apply the sheet mask just under the lips and all the way down along the chin. Subsequently she secured the mask with the Chin Up slimming band and we just had to wait 30 minutes to see the results. Redness and a little tingling may occur but luckily neither me nor my mum experienced it. I must admit I felt very strange with the band around my chin - it almost felt as if I had some kind of chin surgery and I had to wear the band to keep the dressing in place 😛

What helps Chin Up exert it's action in such a short time? Well, it boils down to a special combination of ingredients - 5 top cosmetic ingredients, 10 fruit extracts and Chin Up's own patented Skintronics Serum. Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid have been praised for their skin restoring properties many times before and their benefits has been confirmed time and time again. On the other hand we have Skintronics Serum and Corum 9235 which work hand in hand to facilitate absorption of the treatment serum and promote chin fat loss.

While the mask was working it's magic, we were each treated to a pedicure by Brenda, a beauty therapist at Roseberry. It was a nice relaxing experience which included a much needed leg massage, foot filing and finished off with perfect nail polish application. I chose a gorgeous darkish coral colour from Orly while mum went for a classic red shade.


Once the time was up, we took off the band and Nataliya measured us again - to find that my mum actually lost 1cm from each area (going down to 16cm and 22cm) and I lost 1cm from my chin (going down to 20cm). In my case, there was no difference in the size of my jaw line. All that was left to do was massage the remaining serum into the skin and we were good to go!

It is recommended to combine the Chin Up mask treatment with another express treatment as we did if you're doing it in a professional establishment; alternatively, if you are going to apply it yourself at home, you can either relax for 30 minutes or get on with your day!

So you see, sometimes, even if a treatment looks too good to be true, it can still work as promised! Are you tempted to try it yet?

Both the Chin Up Masks and Pedicures were offered to me and my mum by Paloma Cosmetics and Roseberry for free.
This did not affect my review of the treatments - all opinions are true and honest.

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