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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to join in the celebrations at the newly opened UNOde50 jewellery store opening in Sliema. I had only seen fleeting references to the brand before so I was curious to discover what it is all about and get a closer look at their jewellery.

The store is located on Tower Road in Sliema and it houses an exclusive collection of stainless steel pieces which are in turn plated with silver or gold. UNOde50 is all about edgy jewellery pieces for men and women, that you won't find anywhere else.

UNOde50 is a Spanish brand and as a matter of fact, all the pieces are 100% handcrafted in Madrid. The name translates to 'one of fifty' transcends from the brand's original concept - that of creating unique, original jewellery with a few units (50) of each piece, and in acquiring one, you technically own one of fifty!

José Azulay is the brains behind the brand and he is committed to creating jewellery with style and personality and each of the materials he utilises in his creations bears a message - the metals whose curves reflect a countless number of emotions, their magnificence, their strengths. With the leather that represents the beginning of time and life, nature in the primitive state. The crystals symbolize the joy of living, positivity, fantasy and glamour.

Upon entering the shop, I couldn't help but admire the set-up and well-lit displays which allow each piece to shine. I will return to the shop for sure and I'm sure if I treat someone (or myself) to a gift from UNOde50, they will love it for years to come! Here are a few of my favourite pieces available in the current collection.

What are your preferences when it comes to jewellery? Do you favour edgier pieces or the more dainty ones?

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